McKenzie Friends

McKenzie Friends are not Belinda’s friends. They are lay legal advisers who tend to be helping Litigants in Person. Both tend to be disliked by the legal profession, for the following reasons:

  • victims assume that courts are there to deliver justice; in reality they seem to be a playground where the judge is the umpire to decide who’s the better player
  • litigants in person have a hard time finding out what is the right procedure or ‘remedy’ for them
  • ‘amateurs’ have a hard time presenting cases in factual ways in the fashion that journalists and lawyers are trained to do.

Victims of white collar crimes have become suspicious of the legal profession and therefore help each other as McKenzie Friends. And thus we have formed the Association of McKenzie Friends.

Victims of child snatching have found that their legal representation worked into the hands of Social Services rather than in the interest of the family and therefore require McKenzie Friends.

Once unjustly imprisoned, victims have an even harder time to get anywhere along a judicial route and McKenzie Friends are even more important in defence of human rights.


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