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  2. andy peacher July 7, 2014 at 2:54 pm Reply


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  4. LucyWood December 1, 2015 at 11:22 am Reply

    Hallo Belinda, I have just contacted Hon Lowell Goddard as she has just come up with a progress report after 10 months. The site is the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, and after 10 months they have come up the idea of opening some Truth Centres next year! Amazing after 10 months and 12 separate inquiries each with their own page, they have come up with the Truth Project!!! Wow, you can see updates on each of the inquiries and basically the update information is this, nothing yet! So I thought I would ask her about the Hampstead children, clearly telling the truth, plenty of evidence, Father shows absolutely demonic signs and yet Judge Pauffley dismissed it all. I wish you luck and hope to beaver away here to find out what more I can do from here in Thailand.

  5. Sabine Kurjo McNeill December 1, 2015 at 12:33 pm Reply
  6. sammi smith August 14, 2018 at 11:16 am Reply

    i don’t know what to do… on 27th march I had a very staged breakin, by the my elder sister, executor of my dad will, informed the police who called to say they wanted to talk to me.

    a former sergeant, of themes valley also called, saying he believed there would be a attempt to abduct me he had already stopped a previous attempt and 2 attempted assignations.

    this was getting really weird. 2 femail officers arrived and said my sister had been worried about me and could I go with them to talk about the burglary, when being transferred from the station to the car, a large crowd had gathered shooting for me to hit the copper and run. shes not a real copper. 5 hours later I awoke to being removed from the police car. I was passed my t shirt and bra which had been removed.

    a dr and social worker came to tell me m son had been removed, when I called my sister I heard him snoring in bed. confused and trapped with no one telling me why or how long I would be there. I was asked sevrel times where my son was and what had I done with him.

    confused and thinking my sister was just lying to spare my sanity I found myself screaming my sons name. I was certified insand transferred to 2 more hospitals by g4s interrogated about anything from domestic violence, my father allegedly faking his death to the hamstead case. denied food drink medication. which resulted in a week of withdrawels and sezures.

    that week was more than tourture an I spent it in a mix of sezures , screaming and rocking, as my son was missing after being removed by the police that entire week was hell.

    stockport social services first visit to the hospital reads on paper, I was not capable of signin sec20. it does not state that I refused and they did not conferm my sons safty.

    heavy medication was given 1 week after leaving hospital on the grounds I would get my son back. they would come to the door and watch me take them. this stopped after 3 weeks of being greated with, oh hi nice to see you, our nhs tax payer funded drug pushers.

    my second week in hospital was spent recovering from the shock and then I was ging home leave for 3 days no medication. however I did go strate to social services and demand to see my son.

    I have passed the phyc report. it states there is no reason to keep my child from me.

    I still haven’t been given my judge order 3rd visit and the contact worker is a evil bitch. example I went to open a lid of a juice bottle, she said shall I do that for yo, I said no thankyou as it was my first attempt. I was about to say I will change my mind if I cant budge thi lid. but she snapped if you wont except help then theres nothing I can do for you then.

    I said I hadn’t had a chance to have a go. she snapped don’t argue in front of jovian,

    what can I do

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