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BATTLE NEWS Easter 2014 on two fronts: Scotland and Brussels

Dear All

In the last Battle News I talked mainly about the ‘Scottish front’ and have to again today. Sorry to harp on, but what happens north of the border this summer remains critical to achieving success in this 2014 battle for better child-protection in this country as well Scotland being where I’ve been most actively engaged over the past 4 years in the campaign for Justice for Hollie Greig

There are still 5 whole months from the time of writing this blog during which Scottish children continue to be British children and as such remain the concern of everybody in these islands. After that, if Scotland votes for independence Scottish children might continue to be of concern to the rest of us but we will be able to do little further to help them…

The ‘Independence’ campaign has been dubbed a largely ‘moral’ campaign by more than one commentator, the potential economic and financial benefits to Scotland of going it alone being tenuous to say the least. OK, well if this a ‘moral’ campaign let’s have a long, hard look at MORALITY in Scotland, public morality that is, nothing to do with ordinary Scots who are a thoroughly decent, brilliant people. It’s the personal morality of those who are going to be their leaders from now on, should things to go their way on 18th September, who are in fact already the leaders of Scotland. So how do these people measure up on the issue of child-protection, my baseline for assessing ‘MQ’, Moral & Ethical Quotient? (We’ve already got IQ and EQ as measures of people, I’m adding MQ). Continue reading


BATTLE NEWS Part 2 linking #childsnatchuk with #paedobritain

14 03 23 Slide 8*** PS to Battle News part 1 this morning

2 Portuguese TV film crews are visiting tomorrow and I failed to mention that the Pedros were charged with abducting 4 of their own children and 1 belonging to other parents, when 5 of their children are already in state care! Lunacy!  ***


HHPH did have their fingers in PIE

‘Wild Bill’ gives a straight down-the-middle account of child-stealing/’child-seizing’ in the US

Advance publicity for a not quite-your-usual 2014 Christmas party at the Royal Courts of Justice

s*t*nism in the entertainment industry


Budget Day at Parliament 19 March 

‘Money & child-abuse’ to be the 2 biggest issues in elections in 2014-15 – Justin Walker, Brian Gerrish, Yvonne Stewart-Taylor & YT

Bill Maloney & Sonia Poulton tackle Clegg

Sabine’s historic trip to Brussels 19 March & the Portuguese story

What made 2 EU parliamentarians cry – footage of a Dutch child-snatch but could have been any ordinary day and street in UK

Not all of this 3-minute footage is in Portuguese

Portuguese family’s website

Sabine’s passionate 6-minute oration to the Chamber

Christopher Booker’s latest article helping our cause

From Sabine:

Say it in hashtags: #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain… 

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BATTLE NEWS 23 March 2014: linking Portugal with Scotland via Brussels and London

13 12 20 Battle for Britains ChildrenDear All

Yesterday I had yet another complaint, albeit mildly expressed that the ‘Battle’ meme is too confrontational. ‘Battle’ implies conflict & confrontation when we should be seeking peace and reconciliation, even with Paedophilia UK! – who are mostly not fundamentally wicked or evil people, but people like you and me who had the dire misfortune to suffer paedophile abuse during their own childhood, hence cannot help what they are doing in turn as adults to accessible children within their sights…

(And once again, may I make it clear that when I engaged in this ‘Battle’ it was primarily against my own inner inertia, depression, despair and constant goading from inside my head to ‘give up’, blank out the children’s suffering as everyone else seems to be doing and return to my ordinary pre-Battle existence (when I was some kind of animated vegetable in the allotment of life, planted there by my parents, and took pleasure in passive & non-confrontational activities such as gardening and reading like the rest of ‘Middle England’)

I DON’T EXPECT AND DON’T DEMAND a single soul to be alongside me on the streets or in the parks as I go about during Battle Year which was entirely my own concept and I fully accept that other folk may be dealing with the problem in different ways which may be more effective; I entirely respect whatever anyone else is doing on the various fronts to stop this attack on our children & families.
Also NOTE ‘Britain’s children’ includes ALL children in this country now – at any time there are thousands of children up and down the country who are not nationals of this country and whose parents have come here temporarily as migrant workers or even just as tourists yet our government seizes their children too! Continue reading