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From Highgate with Love and Exhaustion #McKenzieFriends #McKenzie Angels

Dear Friends/All

It’s now well over 2 weeks since our part-‘cyber-event’ at Theatro Technis in Camden and I’m still struggling to get the videos of the evening event up on line – many apologies for keeping you waiting and please bear with me.

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A NATIONAL #CALL-TO-ARMS – SAVE THE #HAMPSTEADCHILDREN! #WhistleblowerKids – #BelindaMcKenzie APPEAL to take full advantage of massive historical opportunity

If my psychic powers serve me right, the year we’re in, 2015 could well be the turning-point in the centuries-old struggle on this planet between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

July 2015 will play the pivotal role. This very month we, the ‘forces of good’, ‘knights-of-the-people’ or however you prefer to define us have a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to really begin to turn things around towards the kinder, fairer, happier world we all desire, away from the lies, the deceit, the injustice, cruelty and violence that have up till now monopolised the historical narrative. A sickening catalogue of mindless destruction of all that is good and beautiful, with up till now seemingly no end in sight and always the threat of worse to come…

I have grown weary of continuously reporting, albeit only to a tiny cross-section of that elusive entity known as ‘the public’ on what for several years now I’ve viewed as the human race’s No. 1 Problem, often referred to in my speeches and interviews as ‘THE PROBLEM’. There is no longer the slightest doubt in my mind that this one major ‘Problem’ underpins, informs and is the ultimate source of all the other problems infesting human so-called civilisation. Therefore, were we to/could we ever solve this one cardinal problem, really resolve it for good, our world would change out of all current recognition for the better. Continue reading

RALLY in Peterborough to support #whistleblower #MelanieShaw

Mhoust42 is a very professional ‘citizen reporter’ who accompanied the rally from its preparation to the march to the prison, i.e. Easter Sunday with a difference: commitment to making a difference in public.

He produced 10 videos altogether and Belinda addresses the 50 campaigners on this video, starting at 33 mins.

#BattleNews 8/Mar/15: three more court days for #WhistleblowerKids

Dear All

Thanks for joining this list which gets longer and longer with every passing day. Because of lack of time once again I’m incorporating newcomers into my old ‘Battle’ list (Battle for Britain’s Children 2014 & 2015) and please forgive me for not being able to answer you individually, at least not yet but I hugely appreciate your support, thank you, especially to those who have sent donations via The Knight Foundation.

As for this ‘Battle’ & ‘Britain’s Children’, these could be children of any nationality under UK jurisdiction and at risk from its notorious ‘child protection’ services – foreign families as we know are frequently targeted. Having been torn from their loving families and communities the children effectively become ‘orphans’ – who from that moment is really listening to them, who really cares about them, what does the future hold for them? Worst of all, we know a significant proportion of them will suffer sexual abuse and cruelty in care which is why they are there: Britain’s paedophile and sado-paedophile community needs ready access to children. Also, the ‘child-protection industry’ is a multi-million, billion pound industry; another sad reality is that we are battling greed for money here as well as paedophilia and worse. Continue reading

BATTLE NEWS Part 2 linking #childsnatchuk with #paedobritain

14 03 23 Slide 8*** PS to Battle News part 1 this morning

2 Portuguese TV film crews are visiting tomorrow and I failed to mention that the Pedros were charged with abducting 4 of their own children and 1 belonging to other parents, when 5 of their children are already in state care! Lunacy!  ***


HHPH did have their fingers in PIE

‘Wild Bill’ gives a straight down-the-middle account of child-stealing/’child-seizing’ in the US

Advance publicity for a not quite-your-usual 2014 Christmas party at the Royal Courts of Justice

s*t*nism in the entertainment industry


Budget Day at Parliament 19 March 

‘Money & child-abuse’ to be the 2 biggest issues in elections in 2014-15 – Justin Walker, Brian Gerrish, Yvonne Stewart-Taylor & YT

Bill Maloney & Sonia Poulton tackle Clegg

Sabine’s historic trip to Brussels 19 March & the Portuguese story

What made 2 EU parliamentarians cry – footage of a Dutch child-snatch but could have been any ordinary day and street in UK

Not all of this 3-minute footage is in Portuguese

Portuguese family’s website

Sabine’s passionate 6-minute oration to the Chamber

Christopher Booker’s latest article helping our cause

From Sabine:

Say it in hashtags: #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain… 

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BATTLE NEWS – Mothering Sunday March 2014

Dear All

Apologies for the break in communication although there have been hints as to what I’m up to and how things are unfolding midway through March 2014.  2 ½ months into Battle Year never fear, we’re still on course to win this fight for the children (with great respect to my friend in the ‘occult centre’ of California who informs me after every single mass-mailing that what I’ve undertaken simply can’t be done as those I’ve taken on, whoever or whatever they are, permanently have the upper hand on this planet over us ‘normal’ human beings with ‘normal’ emotions & concerns and that they are extremely nasty – is he trying to tell me something or am I not hearing that?!).

I do have to admit though to having been thrown off my horse and severely  winded by what I’ve seen going on in the Royal Courts of so-called Justice in the past month in respect of two particularly distressing cases. You recall I hope the ‘Ukrainian story’ I sent out last weekend so now attached is a briefing I sent to the press on Wednesday about the other case, the ‘Jamaican story’. Both concern parents attempting to secure Permission to Appeal/a Stay of Removal of their small daughters from the UK which would place them at risk of those the Family court has decided should be looking after them from now on,  in Christopher’s case his Russian-Ukrainian mafia in-laws in politically-turbulent Ukraine and in Melanie’s her violent and abusive ex-partner in Jamaica.

Lady Justice Black heard Christopher’s case orally on Thursday afternoon and straight afterwards looked at Melanie’s in her chambers, it being by then an emergency with the child due to leave the country on Saturday. She turned both applications down and both children have now left the country and be placed with abusive parents.  Continue reading

280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March

40. Members of Parliament follow the processio...

40. Members of Parliament follow the procession through Central Lobby to the Lords for the Queen’s Speech (Photo credit: UK Parliament)

Dear All

At the moment the main Battle in UK seems to be with the weather! Being originally a country girl I absolutely know it is not following anything like a normal pattern for the time of year and I’m dreadfully sad for all the farmers and their animals struggling with these near apocalyptic conditions plus the damage being done to the countryside.

Moreover it is not over, the worst may yet be to come we’re told – did anyone else pick up on a brief newsflash via Sky News somewhere around 6-7 pm yesterday evening reporting that a ‘Silver Command’ instruction had been issued to the politicians, members of the elite, senior police & military etc. to repair their pre-prepared underground bunkers for a period of 12 hours in order to be able to direct operations on the surface from a place of safety, a mega-storm being about to hit UK overnight? This to be followed over the next few days by a sequence of even more destructive storms, each one worse than the last…

But then, a couple of hours later when I checked again there was no further mention of this ‘Silver Command’ emergency situation!

This sounded very much like some kind of ‘drill’ or dry-run to get the top folk in the land on alert and prepared for some massive national emergency due any day now, the idea being they at least will be OK underground while chaos reigns above. The way these alerts are delivered is via one of the media as a very brief ‘breaking news’ type of newsflash which is then not repeated. This way immediate national panic is avoided yet at the same time it cannot be claimed down the line we were not given due warning.

Well I leave that with you – make of that what you can or will!

Back to my own Battle, it was fantastically encouraging to receive around 30 responses to my plea in the last issue of Battle News for more of you to participate in the parliamentary campaign by sending me the name of your MP and/or postcode, bringing the number of MPs ‘logged’ and under observation to some 280 by now – getting on for nearly half the Parliament!

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