From Highgate with Love and Exhaustion #McKenzieFriends #McKenzie Angels

Dear Friends/All

It’s now well over 2 weeks since our part-‘cyber-event’ at Theatro Technis in Camden and I’m still struggling to get the videos of the evening event up on line – many apologies for keeping you waiting and please bear with me.

I’ve added a few other ‘fighting mums & dads’ who weren’t at Theatro Technis on 5 November but I regard you also as very much as part of the new ‘community’ launched that evening, as you more than any know how this beastly state of ours operates and what they do…. The aim of the TT event was to consolidate our growing anti-CSA movement where victims and survivors have suffered any one or more 5 forms of attacks on them and their family – child-snatching, secret courts & gagging, forced adoption, paedophilia and satanic ritual abuse – and we are combating these issues/the ‘UK disease’ now at state, EU and UN levels. (See below links to videos of the event)

It is essential we do come together as a community and stop falling out, trolling and shilling each other and retreating back into small clusters. No human being is perfect and we all say stupid, harmful things to each other from time-to-time. But if we are to beat this evil and it really is a massive beast or cancer in our country & world by now WE MUST FORGIVE EACH OTHER and BAND TOGETHER – we must become a really strong and mutually supportive community and at last VERY LOUD PUBLIC VOICE. I know we can do it, as look how far we’ve come already!

That’s all for today as not enough hours in every day by now, but just to tell you Sabine and I have to be in the High Court/Admin Court on Tuesday 1st December in connection our McKenzie Friend work on behalf Melissa Laird, another fighting mum whose son was seized by Barnet Council in 2012…We face a £2000 fine for incurring excessive legal costs. But we fear those could have been compounded by now, if the hand of a certain other judge is in the case by now. So anything could happen, including our being arrested and carted off at the end of the hearing. It will be an open hearing so if anyone can be with us in the public gallery that will be much appreciated – if you email me I’ll let you know the court and time.


Theatro Technis event Parts 1 & 2

The Chair of the Petitions Committee reporting about MEPs having visited London:

David Sturter talking about the Hampstead case:

TyrannyNewsNetwork about Hampstead:


Peter Hoefschroer

ISIS fighters high on amphetamines

McKenzie Friends – in the event of Sabine and my being ‘disenfranchised’ as McKenzie Friends on 1 December we’ve already metamorphosed into McKenzie Angels!

PETITIONS TO SIGN PLEASE:  New petition created by Debbie:

The successful EU Petition that got MEPs to come for a fact-finding visit, confirming what they had heard in Brussels – first asking to abolish adoptions without parental consent, now asking for a debate in the EU Parliament and the EU Council:

For this report by a Russian Parliament member calls what’s happening in the UK ‘abusive’:

Best to all


PS for reasons outlined above, no way can I get going on the new campaign CHILDREN’S RIGHTS FIRST at the moment – on 20 November, the anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child when I’d intended to give a speech in front of Parliament to re-launch the campaign I was down in court with my wounded fighting mum! But her story is very much illustrative of what everyone needs to know goes on in our sadistic, ‘sodomic’ state and why we do urgently need a Children’s Bill of Rights…


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7 thoughts on “From Highgate with Love and Exhaustion #McKenzieFriends #McKenzie Angels

  1. Sabine Kurjo McNeill November 22, 2015 at 4:34 pm Reply
  2. Kenneth Noel Gabriel Curran November 22, 2015 at 5:05 pm Reply

    Justice for Declan? Still waiting for answers to questions posed, prior to and since, Tuesday, 6th June 1995, son found hanged, and the cover-up/decken-up continuing… Sharon Shoesmith and the “culture” promoted and propped up by perfidious mindsets hampering efforts to Stop Abuse U.K. and elsewhere. There is also the anomalies General Courts-Martial, Monday, 11th February 1985 – stitch-up, cover-up, guinea-pig for psychotropic substances whilst others raping my children. Judgment Day – a.s.p./a.t.e. Death? Where is thy victory? “Faugh a ballagh!”(the Devils own – Connaught Rangers / Real Royal Irish!!!) 24228107 SSgt. Curran K.N.(Gabriel) R.A.P.C. British Ulster Irish citizen of the world. Justice for Declan? Stop child abuse and stop forced adoption….. Nemo mortalium omnibus Horus sapit(R.A.O.B)

  3. TimV November 23, 2015 at 2:59 pm Reply

    I think you must be a little bit of a hero Belinda!

  4. Sabine Kurjo McNeill November 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm Reply

    I think it’s VERY BIG bit, Tim!!!

  5. satanicviews January 23, 2016 at 10:02 am Reply

    The next time you defame Satanists and Satanism with your false allegations of child rape and murder you will trigger a heavy Satanic response against you. You have been warned.

    • Scott February 28, 2016 at 9:53 am Reply

      Satanic child sacrifice is as old as history itestlf. You satanists are so dumb lol. You, and your girlfriend Satan can suck out! I roll with Jesus Christ, the king of kings. Bring it!!

      • satanicviews February 28, 2016 at 11:08 am

        You offer opinion and no evidence.

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