It is now three whole weeks since I fled the UK, with as I felt, all the hounds of hell after me and very possibly never more being able to return, unless to face the foreseeable future behind bars! This year as well as being involved in the Hampstead case I’ve been supporting Brian Pead, whistle-blower on institutionalised CSA in London Borough of Lambeth who has been mainly in prison on trumped-up charges since 2009, to shut him up; his latest sentence is 2 years in HMP Thameside. So I am under no illusions as to what the PTB (Powers That Be) can do.

Naturally I’ve had some pretty bad moments in the days following my flight, not least the feeling of frustration that valuable and worthwhile work-in-progress has been interrupted – give me just a bit more time, Universe please! to be able to get on with the work undisturbed when we are so close to being able to set things onto a more positive course for the future!

Immediately the Universe responds YES! but everyone needs a break now and again and to step back! You were wearing yourself to a shred agonising over this case and these children. Why not let US take over some of the burden from now on?

That makes a lot of sense. Higher forces than just us humans need to be engaged, in fact ARE engaged in this major battle on Planet Earth! Whatever happens individually to any of us playing a role in it or simply caught up in it as ‘collateral damage’ (to quote the term used by DS Speer of Barnet Police Public Protection Unit in reference to the ‘angry & aggrieved of Hampstead’ – interesting how the police use the same terminology as the military in reference to victims of air-strikes in war!) this case remains way bigger than any of us, even than the main parties, the mother, the father and the children themselves. Hence no one individually needs to nor should take personal responsibility for the outcome, whatever part we have played or whichever side we are on; it is by now a huge JOINT effort.

By the same token, nor should this case be used as any kind of opportunity to promote a personal agenda, to curry personal favour with the public or for self-glorification. This is a good-versus-evil battle of the most serious kind imaginable involving CHILDREN, with potentially profound consequences both for the immediate society and for the world as a whole. Given the sheer numbers of people already directly or indirectly affected by this case, not to mention who will be going forwards into the future, it remains of paramount importance to secure the right outcome, depending on which side you are on, of course – for truth, justice, children and humanity? or for depravity, debauchery, death and satan?


For those on the side of justice and humanity a successful outcome can only mean the return of the children to their mother and her family against whom there have been no allegations of any wrongdoing whatsoever, so why have they been thus vilified and penalised? The grandparents have been trying to see their grandchildren for over 7 whole months now and they still don’t know what the prospects are! Being honest and decent people, they could not bring themselves to comply with Barnet Council’s demand that they signal approval of the judge’s judgement. But how could they approve a judgement making out their daughter to be ‘evil’ and a ‘torturer’ while their ‘son-in-law’ (albeit not by marriage) of whom they told me “frankly, we had no relationship at all with him” was portrayed as a good and loving father/family man?

A successful outcome in my book must include the UNCONDITIONAL restoration of relations between those children and their loving grandparents as well as their return to their mother.


At the moment we gather the case is ‘on hold’; the result of the Final Hearing earlier this month regarding the children’s long-term care is that they have not yet been handed over to their father, as  we feared would happen. They are to remain in the care of Barnet Council for a further 6-12 months. Nevertheless, if we have understood correctly, the father has been granted a Supervision Order, an ominous portent of what might finally transpire in 2016 unless something happens to turn matters around.


In the meantime Sabine, Tracey Morris and I are effectively gagged from speaking or writing any further about the case. I am not to continue to ‘harass’ the father, assuming I wish to return to the UK without risking jail. Fortunately my opinion of the father is by now well-known so there is no great need to say anything further about him.


Another vexing thing that has happened is that we on the side of truth, justice and the best interests of the children are also coming under ever-increasing attack from what had always been for me the ‘good’ side, namely Ella and Abraham. They appear to be at pains to portray us/the Association of McKenzie Friends as being to blame for everything that has gone wrong in this case, indeed they claim we intentionally sabotaged it! Moreover we regularly sabotage cases, they claim; no case we have ever been involved in has had a good outcome to date! At best we are a public liability, at worst we are actually on the ‘wrong’ side ourselves – the way things are going I predict it won’t be much longer before Ella and Abe are informing the world we, Sabine and I are part of the blood-drinking, paedophile, satanic sub-culture of UK ourselves and probably even secretly friends with a certain individual I am no longer allowed to name!


Then, the same old silly, dreary stuff has surfaced yet again as at the height of the campaign for justice for Hollie Greig, that I am secretly working for MI5, that I’ve stolen vast sums of charity money, that I’m using this case and all the cases to con money out of the public, da dah da dah da dah. I’ve already had years of this nonsense being thrown at me and here it is all over again! In fact Hampstead Research have found connections between key members of the Aberdeen ring and the gang of trolls busy in the Hampstead case. A couple of them appear to have wormed their way into Abe & Ella’s confidence and are whispering lies in their ears which A & E are swallowing without question because of course that fits in with their designation of us as ‘official scapegoats’ in this whole affair – ‘McKenzie Scapegoats’ is our new role! Also, the blacker they can paint us the more their own standing with the public is enhanced – already they are crowing that since they have distanced themselves from us they are getting much more support from the public!

OK well done, Ella and Abe, do your worst and if it helps you/your chances of getting the children back to blacken and blame us you are very welcome, because at the end of the day, as I started by saying, the most important thing of all is not that any of us individual part-players come out of this covered in glory or the opposite, the only thing that matters, indeed matters profoundly to the whole Universe is that THESE CHILDREN & ALL OTHER INVOLVED CHILDREN INCLUDING THE BABIES ARE SAFE. On no account should A & G/P & Q or any of the other children continue to be brought up as the next generation of satanic cult-members still less leaders, with the risk of being sacrificed themselves to prevent them speaking out all over again when they are older…

For the sake of people who are confused due to Ella & Abe’s attacks on my/our personal integrity a word about our McKenzie Friends’ work:


Ella and Abe have made a big deal of the fact that our little Association of McKenzie Friends has never won any cases in the Family Court to date.  TRUE! BECAUSE NO ONE WINS CASES IN THE UK FAMILY COURTS! The UK family courts are not set up for the returning of children to loving parents, they are set up for the PERMANENT REMOVAL OF CHILDREN, for the lucrative purposes of either placing them for adoption or keeping them in long-term state care where they can also supply the needs of the UK’s flourishing paedophile community. It is a 1-way traffic of children and a total national scandal and disgrace but this is how it is. The fact is that cases in the family court are very rarely won, full-stop. You could count on the fingers of one hand the numbers per year of parents of abducted children who have managed to get them back, even with the help of experienced barristers! One of the barristers known to our Association with whom we are on friendly terms described members of her profession, family court barristers as ‘professional losers’. This particular barrister had not won back a single child in 11 years of practice!

So if even the professionals cannot get children back, of what earthly use to parents are McKenzie Friends who don’t even have ‘rights of audience’ let alone barristers’ rights to argue cases? Please everyone note, unlike the professionals who still lose hand over fist, at least we do not charge a penny, knowing that we may not be able to be of any substantial help; we would not wish to raise hopes or expectations. Our role is and has always been mainly PASTORAL, ie. to offer the litigant-in-person support and guidance while going through the court process, help him or her with the preparation of the documents, take notes in court, quietly prompt him or her on points to be raised, etc. And above all, to be the ‘all-seeing eye’ and the ‘listening ear’ in proceedings that would otherwise be sealed off from the public.

This leads directly to the particular role we have adopted for ourselves in our Association – we refer to ourselves as ‘voluntary public interest advocates.’ What we CAN do and DO do is continuously to sound the alarm about the injustices to which we are witness through having access to the courts as McKenzie Friends. By now we are convinced that there is only one way forward with this whole horrendous child-stealing and paedophile-protecting scenario: to make a big noise about it PUBLICLY as a systemic evil which is totally unacceptable in a civilised society & world and which must be confronted and dismantled. The wider public must be made aware of the horrors going on in the family courts and become engaged in overturning this evil and corrupt system.

I should just point out in our defence that while McKenzie Friends are unsuccessful in the actual courts I personally have felt more able to be of real help in encounters between parents and their local Children’s Services, for example in LAC (Looked-after Child) Review meetings or meetings with the IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer). The presence of an unidentified ‘lay-legal representative’ seems to inhibit social workers from bullying parents. I have been told by parents more than once that a social worker having been foul on previous occasions, since I had joined the meeting/s was suddenly being reasonable! My conclusion is that wherever possible it is well worth trying to turn cases around OUTSIDE rather than inside the court and working at local services level could be a potentially more fruitful avenue of assistance on the part of McKenzie Friends towards parents and families.

(I so want to be free to continue with this work…)


I had and still do have great hopes for my fledgling charity the Knight Foundation once we are over this patch and can get on with developing it. The Knight Foundation charitable incorporated company has raised to date a mere £800 in 18 months as we haven’t as yet done any proper fund-raising or promotion, our bank account having remained locked all this time due to continuous changes of directors, hence we have had as yet no access to these funds.

The Foundation was set up to fund our McKenzie Friends’ work in the first instance, precisely because McKenzie Friends do not charge for our work yet we do have expenses, such as travelling to and from the courts and local authority offices, subsidising applications to the court where parents are impoverished, the production of publicity materials for our campaigning work and we also aim to offer training-courses to would-be McKenzie Friends to maximise the service we can offer to the public within in the above-mentioned constraints. Then, we also aim to help realise Maggie Tuttle’s dream of a Safe House/s for children fleeing paedophile attackers and any other projects relevant to child-protection. We also want and intend to be able to providing funding for the activity of a whole range of those whom we refer to as ‘knights-of-the-heart’, ordinary citizens who wish to join in the fight for the moral and systemic betterment of our society. Our flesh-and-blood ‘modern knights’, pledged to protect the children and serve the public weal may likewise need help with travel and subsistence, production of publicity materials, etc. Impoverishment should never prevent anyone wishing to undertake a life of service to society from realising this fine calling.

Yes, I fully admit that in July I did ask for donations via the charity to help Sabine subsist and pay her rent whilst ‘in exile’, her pension and housing benefit having been cut off. As a result of which I was informed by the Ham & High reporter covering the case that the Charity Commission now had me under investigation! “You should have had an email from them” he informed me. When I said no, I hadn’t, he said “oh well you’ll certainly be getting one.” 4-5 weeks later still nothing has come from the Charity Commission! All that has happened is that the Ham & High have published yet another damning article on me – no doubt by now whose side that publication is on.


Early in this extraordinary year of my life I met an unusual and engaging gentleman by the name of Abraham Christie who introduced me to the potentially restorative and health-giving wonders of the hemp plant. Hemp, claimed Abraham, that is to say the fresh leaves and the seeds of this plant, not to be confused with the dried leaves smoked as cannabis, is the ‘cure for all ills’ and ‘the elixir of life’, having powers actually to prolong life. Whereas cannabis does relatively little for bodily health, although as any pain-sufferer knows it is a powerful analgesic, taken on a regular basis the fresh version of the plant and the seeds can cure virtually all or any modern diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver or kidney disease, you name it.

Indeed, Abraham referred to this ‘elixir of life’ as the ‘sang real’/’real blood’ of mediaeval times, sought throughout ages as the prolonger of life, its chemical properties being identical to those of human blood. Here was a vegetable equivalent of the traditionally-imbibed elixir, human blood, the blood-drinking cannibals of this planet regularly murdering babies and children being under the illusion that consuming the adrenalized blood of tiny children deliberately terrorised prior to death will prolong their own life and vitality! Thanks to hemp, potentially all these barbaric types could be weaned off their gruesome diet and put instead on this pain-free, morally-acceptable substitute which might actually be much more effective in extending their life and health!

Well this was a pretty amazing message and I was impressed: Abraham seemed to have hit on not only a potentially world-changing remedy for the whole spectrum of human disease but also appeared to hold the key to ridding the world of a massive evil. I was honoured to be personally invited to taste and experience the effects of the ‘green juice’ that he and Ella prepared daily as the fundament of their diet, compounded from a range of vegetables and fruits, but always with hemp-seeds as the principal active ingredient. All of these were ‘forced’ through a heavy-duty juicer resembling an industrial-size meat-grinder which clearly required the user to be not only healthy but physically fit! The resultant juice was delicious, easy on the stomach and very sustaining – after only one mugful as a substitute for normal dinner I was not hungry until the next morning and slept very well for once!

I have no doubt therefore as to the hemp-plant’s efficacy and health-giving value and cannot wait until all health-farms and rehabilitation centres adopt this wonder-plant as the principal constituent of the dietary regime offered to participants in their curative programmes.

Indeed, there was a tiny interlude in the acrimonious relations that sadly have developed between Ella, Abe and myself around May when I sincerely asked their advice regarding the possibilities of curing my daughter’s long-term mental illness with the aid of a hemp diet. It had many times been suggested to me that mental illness could have a physiological component in the form of a deficiency in some vital nutrient, vitamin or mineral. They assured me that yes, the ‘green juice’ would certainly help her rehabilitate from years of toxic anti-psychotic drugs, etc. So where I asked could I go with my daughter to put her on this special regime and rehabiliate her? At which point they directed me to a couple based in California to whom I promptly wrote (but have had no reply).

This was the last ‘reasonable’ communication with Ella and Abe, since when they have been waging some kind of denigration campaign against Sabine and myself, assisted by various ‘Shadow People’ – people who don’t identify themselves but make mischief from behind avatars.

In view of Abe’s enlightenment regarding human health including mental health, it has therefore been very disappointing that he should stoop so low as to broadcast disinformation and lies about us when we have done nothing whatsoever to discredit him or Ella, so what is going on, please? Why are they consorting with ‘Shadow People’ who may in reality be members of GCHQ, having fun playing us off against each other? Is Abe as some have suggested on some massive ego-trip fuelled by his new-found prominence in the Hampstead case and which necessitates the treading and trampling under foot of any ‘rival’ contenders for pre-eminence with the public? Is he setting himself up as some kind of ‘world spiritual authority’?

Questions that have to be left hanging in the air but reluctantly I’ve had to conclude that all the hemp in the world cannot make us kind, truthful, discerning or wise, nor shield us from attack by the dark forces within our own minds…


12 thoughts on “ENDNOTES FROM EXILE 28 August 2015

  1. Tracy Atherton August 28, 2015 at 9:53 am Reply

    Dear BelindaIt’s good to hear from you. How are you bearing up apart from all of this? Are you with your husband and family?With very best wishesTracySent from Yahoo Ma

  2. Michael Mathews August 29, 2015 at 5:02 am Reply

    Thank you Belinda and Sabine for your selfless, courageous work for the children of our fallen world. You have succeeded in exposing the satanic forces of evil in this world and no one can now claim they do not understand. You have successfully shifted the onus of proof back to Government and Authorities and they have no rational defence for their actions.
    Children, parents, families are suffering terribly and the mode of execution for Authorities is immaterial. They have caused horrific damages and protected offenders.
    I understand your situation very well and I have suffered persecution for years, along with a brave survivor, escapee from satanic networks in Australia at http://www.escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com
    All rational, loving people know without a doubt that you two have selflessly worked very hard for Alisa and Gabriel’s best interests, along with the best interests of all abused children.
    I hope Ella and Abe will wake up after contemplating on your fantastic work and stop listening to the sharks trying to divide you all, with the intention of devouring your former united stance for all humanity.
    Without a doubt we are in the earths final battle of good versus evil, love versus hate and we know that God will prevail. All of mankind are currently being tested by their actions, for good or for evil.
    In a spiritual sense you are winning and leading a way for all loving people to follow, but all people have to make their own choice.
    Satans forces on earth have only a short time left controlling governments and authorities and all people who choose to live by Love will prevail.
    This final battle for mankind against the satanic occult forces is winnable for all who take courage and not shirk their personal responsibility This battle is not only for our children but also for our own souls.

    • frances August 31, 2015 at 3:18 pm Reply

      Wow! to Belinda’s Endnotes from Exiles, and WOW to your response Michael. the truth, honesty, love of both these writers just shines out and touches me, deeply. thank you. Yes, good will win in the end, there is no doubt.

  3. Anonymous August 30, 2015 at 2:37 am Reply

    Absolutely pathetic Belinda!

    “…BECAUSE NO ONE WINS CASES IN THE UK FAMILY COURTS! The UK family courts are not set up for the returning of children to loving parents, they are set up for the PERMANENT REMOVAL OF CHILDREN, for the lucrative purposes of either placing them for adoption or keeping them in long-term state care where they can also supply the needs of the UK’s flourishing paedophile community. It is a 1-way traffic of children and a total national scandal and disgrace but this is how it is…”

    That you know this (your own wds above) and yet you and your ‘friends’ continue to PRETEND that you are doing something to assist the parents of STOLEN children…

    So glad that you have exposed yourself now to the world.

    Not sure how far you ran but probably a good idea to keep running with the rest of your gang, somewhere underground might be a good and you’ll find plenty of like-minded.

  4. farmerjacqui August 30, 2015 at 6:38 am Reply

    Reblogged this on .

  5. […] Just as we were settling in to enjoy the sound of silence from Belinda “I am not a crook” McKenzie’s various blogs and videos, this gem popped up: https://belindammckenzie.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/endnotes-from-exile-28-august-2015/ […]

  6. TimV August 30, 2015 at 8:27 pm Reply

    We appear to be in an “Humpty Dumpty” State, where the law is what the police and agencies want it to mean, “no more or less.” We also seem to be totally dependent on the MSM: what isn’t ‘news’ isn’t either happening or important apparently!

    The reported Hampstead events and the way they have been buried by organs of the state could not be more obvious or indicative of the rottenness of the system. Nor for that matter your need to leave. The whole country should be ‘up in arms’ about this matter. It should be front-page news. That it isn’t, is yet more proof, if proof were needed, of how far ‘Great’ Britain has sunk.
    From ‘Alice through the looking glass’ I also thought this quote might be somewhat appropriate:

    “In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass room. The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind.

    “So I shall be as warm here as I was in the old room,” thought Alice: “warmer, in fact, because there’ll be no one here to scold me away from the fire. Oh, what fun it’ll be, when they see me through the glass in here, and can’t get at me!”

    I hope your efforts continue unabated and eventually bear fruit.

  7. crossofchangeorg August 31, 2015 at 1:45 am Reply

    some CSA survivors asked me to convey this message, ‘Gwan stoopid sistaaaaaaaaar, who can;t see nutting at all, cos u blinded by falsiteeeeees’, and from the essex crew, ‘Fuck off, fuck off, belinda, fuck off.’, there are more, but i think there is a group of hellish hounds baying , like you have about your hoaxes, and money bleats, but they are gonna make a rap in honour of your departure, instead, and all in the best possible taste, or so they assure me.

  8. Ed de Boer September 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm Reply

    Your words come across to me as being well-thought, reasonable and credible, Belinda. I’m very sorry that events have taken this turn and I wish you a lot of trenght for the coming time. I hope you will soon be able to return to Britain.

  9. concerned citizen September 1, 2015 at 3:24 pm Reply

    Belinda. What are your connections with peadophiles?

  10. maria September 1, 2015 at 7:49 pm Reply

    Hugs belinda, we know u fund ykyr best

  11. LucyWood December 1, 2015 at 11:33 am Reply

    Sorry to say I have always had a nagging feeling that Ella Draper has never really deserved to get the children back into her care, although the grandparents look really good. Gabriel was so happy when he spoke of his Grandma. He also said that his mother never asked about the bumps he got on his head when his father’s care, that does seem rather strange. I feel that just the small amount of information I have read is enough to know that she has not always been the best mother, she must have known they were at risk and now does not appreciate the work you have done. But I do hope the children are with genuine caring foster parents or guardians.

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