SAVE THE #HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN ‘to retract or not to retract’ #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

day 22 of Belinda’s ‘massive national opportunity’ blog, July 2015

(UPDATED 26 July)

When the case erupted on the internet it was obvious that all hell had been let loose and that it would be impossible to ‘contain’ it any longer. At that point my effort became focused on trying to keep those who believed there were some very evil goings-on in the Hampstead area to stay away from it and not inflame the situation further – ‘hands off Hampstead’ became my slogan. At the same time some kind of conduit for public emotion was needed, hence my holding a daily vigil outside the Royal Courts while the case was being heard inside, where all or any who felt strongly about it could come and demonstrate their concern. Pressure also needed putting on Barnet police to re-open the investigation they had closed down so rapidly last September as clearly it was their ‘non-investigation’ that had caused the problem in the first place and had led to a whole lot of possibly innocent people being placed under the cloud of suspicion still hanging over them today…

The obvious first step of such a re-investigation, to me anyway, would be to raid Ricky Dearman’s home and seize his personal property as the children said he had abused them first-off and they claimed he was the ‘cult leader’; if there was such a cult, if he was the leader of such a cult or if he was into making child-porn snuff-movies the evidence for that would be on his computer. So why didn’t Barnet police make a move on Mr Dearman as an obvious first step in the case? Why don’t they still do that now?

Of course it is probably way too late by now; Dearman may well have left London and returned to California to make ready to receive his children when Mrs Justice Pauffley delivers her final Care Order in his favour next month, par for the course by now.

So what of all the upset people in Hampstead left to try to re-build their lives as best they can? Since having my fears fully confirmed that there has indeed been terrible upset in the area I’ve been racking my brains to try to think of any way at all to make the situation better. If it will help the angry people to have me put away or taken out in some way I am prepared for that, in fact I have half been expecting the worst for many weeks now. These people know where I live as I have never made any secret of that; throughout my 17 years of public campaigning my door has always been open to people, particularly people in any kind of trouble.

It has been suggested that it might help if even at this belated stage I do a U-turn and declare that I no longer believe the children’s allegations, certainly not the wilder ones about the baby-killing and cannibalising! However I myself have always avoided discussion of the darker details of the case and in fact I remain agnostic about those. For me the main issue is that the children’s father whom I view with huge suspicion was never properly investigated and has been let off scot-free, which is why we are in the situation we are in today with all these still angry and upset people.

In fact, it has more than once crossed my mind that it could actually have been Dearman himself who had ‘coached’ his children, as part of his own defence-mechanism or strategy installed in his children’s minds. He had had many more months/years than Abraham to indoctrinate them with this fabricated fantasy tale, to be utilised in the event that anyone got too close to the truth as to what he and possibly others were doing to them. For a common-or-garden paedophile jail is a very real possibility if he or she is found out. Whereas as this very case shows, if the paedophilia is overlaid and embellished with the trappings of satanic ritual abuse, most likely the police will not touch it. Why this should be is for all of us to work out but it does appear to be the case.  

Also, even if I were to retract what is perceived to be my stance, that I previously believed the children were telling the truth first-off and if I started saying that actually, at the end of the day I view their wilder allegations as total nonsense (most likely made up by Dearman and pumped into them to get him off the hook which has worked amazingly successfully!) what difference would that possibly make? Not a jot, as there are millions out there all over the world who do still firmly believe the children were reporting exactly what happened to them, namely a form or variation of satanic ritual abuse as this is already widely known about throughout the world. Moreover, the more this case which is both in the mainstream ‘professional’ courts as well as in the court of public opinion continues to be covered up and swept under the carpet, the more suspicious people get that in fact this wild story could actually be true as in the world as a whole, as said, SRA is certainly part of our reality.

In my opinion the best way to help the angry and aggrieved of Hampstead is to re-open the investigation or even a public inquiry at this stage, for the purpose of clearing the names of all who have been wrongly-accused. Surely they should be demanding that very loudly from their side too, so why are they not? Why haven’t the accused teachers been willing to submit themselves to an independent medical forensic examination to show that the tattoos and marks on their bodies as depicted by the children don’t exist? If I were in their position I would jump at a chance to put paid to any lingering suspicious allegations and help save my school and community from such baseless rumours. Why haven’t any of those named momentarily foregone their dignity for the sake of establishing the truth in this by now very confused public situation?

Stinging me for every penny I’ve got, locking me up or even bumping me off in a dark alley will I guarantee resolve nothing; if anything it will only draw further unwanted and intrusive attention to the case.

I wish all or any in Hampstead no further harm. I’ve never wished anyone harm, yet if babies and children are still being horribly abused in our society in real-time now by inhumane types in our midst, as we have daily distressing evidence from not just Hampstead but from all over the place, having come to an awareness of this multiple abuse against our children on all sides perpetrated by a minority, albeit a powerful and influential minority, I just cannot stand by and allow this to go on happening. At some point this unspeakable nastiness has to stop and for me the time is NOW; whether or not I’m still alive to see the process now under way to conclusion it has started and it will go on steadily gathering momentum, of that I am certain and the result will be an infinitely better world for the children of tomorrow.

So the answer to the question is that I am not ‘retracting’ because doubt or suspicion cannot be retracted; I simply don’t know about the baby-killing etc. details. But what I do know is that Ricky Dearman is not at all the good father of his children Mrs Justice Pauffley made him out to be, the opposite and I am angry with her that she has ignored so much negative evidence against that man, all of which was in her paperwork. I’ve also heard enough about him directly from the mother and grandparents to confirm me in my conviction that that man is the very last person on earth who should ever be given custody either of his own or any children and that wherever he is he should be arrested and put behind bars, not the mother, not my friend Sabine nor me: Mr Ricky Dearman.



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(For a fuller explanation of why we need to Save the Hampstead Children and why this particular case, sadly amid many (ALL child-abuse is wrong) represents a ‘massive national opportunity’ and why we MUST involve the MPs please go to Day 1 of this blog, 1 July 2015


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