Fair Reporting? Open Letter to @HamandHigh #WhistleblowerKids #McKenzieFriends #HampsteadScandal

Victims Unite!

Dear Ham and High


This is now the second time that you publish slanderous remarks about me without having established my side and deliver fair reporting. But as my most popular website Victims Unite keeps demonstrating, there is one law for ‘them’ and one for ‘us’. And you know that I couldn’t spend money on libel proceedings. In any case, the judiciary would be set up to take the money and run rather than defend us and deliver ‘justice’.

As a local paper, you go further with your libel than what the Daily Mail and BBC Radio 4 did after they spoke to me: misrepresent despite promises NOT to do so – supposedly in the ‘public interest’!

However, the mainstream media play a big role in the seven deadly syndromes of child snatching and seven media cover-ups, as we published already long before the Hampstead Scandal.

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4 thoughts on “Fair Reporting? Open Letter to @HamandHigh #WhistleblowerKids #McKenzieFriends #HampsteadScandal

  1. Jayce July 27, 2015 at 12:39 am Reply

    Have been following the Hampstead case since it broke and I just want to say that you are one brave woman that absolutely believes in what she’s doing and I wish you much success in uncovering anything that needs uncovering. I was a little sceptical after the children recanted their initial story in the police recordings but this is such a strange strange case. Regardless, where there is smoke there is always fire and someone is guilty of something here. Whether that’s the mother or Mr Dearman I just hope the truth comes out.

  2. Sabine Kurjo McNeill July 27, 2015 at 6:14 am Reply

    If you listen to the children, it’s certainly not a mother vs father issue. There are 70+ alleged abusers involved! Why would there be all these cover-ups???http://whistleblowerkids.uk/about/cover-ups/

    Why would ordinary people go to such extremes of trying to dis-prove the judgement and find truth in what the children said? http://hampsteadresearch.com/

  3. Jayce July 27, 2015 at 6:28 am Reply

    Good questions Sabine. It’s all very very suss. Let’s hope for a good outcome at the next hearing

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