SAVE THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN (17) ‘the beast at the back of the world’ #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

day 17 of Belinda’s ‘massive national opportunity’ blog, July 2015 – copied from here @ The Knight Foundation

We will never have the peaceful, orderly and sane world we all desire, fit for our children and all children to grow up in unless we deal with the main problem in it or ‘The Problem’ as I call it, namely, the perennial assault on each new generation of children perpetrated by the power-elite of this planet. Whatever culture or civilisation is dominant these types that have overall power over us and their vile and sadistic secret ritual culture will be at the helm or the back of that, steering humanity inexorably ‘forwards’ towards one highly-unpleasant future outcome; TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION BY THEM.

By now the final stage of this agenda is no longer so far in the future, in fact it is coming on-stream very fast by now. Called the New World Order, this final phase dates back some 200+ years to 1776 but of course this agenda goes back much further than that. In 2015 this final phase has 21 years still to run.

Who are these types pushing forwards with this nasty agenda? I can hardly bring myself to call them people as they behave in radically different ways to the rest of us although they have camouflaged themselves very successfully. We can begin to identify them by their deeds or ‘fruits’ which are everywhere manifest – wars, massacres, cruel punishments, pestilences, plagues and diseases, destruction of nature and in each generation an ever-growing sector of people suffering with mental illness of all kinds. But most obvious and effective means of identifying them is by their CULTURE OF CHILD-RAPE, TORTURE AND EVEN CANNIBALISM. This is their Achilles’ heel and is what is going to bring them down finally.

From the child sacrifice of Babylonian times or of the Aztec and Inca cultures these types have been active in a seamless line right up to 20th and 21st century; latest manifestations of their nefarious inter-generational assault on our young include the activity of Dr Mengele and his peers in the Nazi concentration camps and the US Kinsey Institute of Human Sexuality with its programme to render paedophilia acceptable, normal and good for children. In the UK the infestation has been carried forward by the Paedophile Information Exchange, our celebrity culture and our government-driven ‘child-snatching’ and ‘forced adoption’ programmes. Apart from these latter-day still ‘quasi-public’ manifestations of The Problem, however, the bulk of the child-raping, torturing and killing has gone underground and is conducted in secret with a special militia called The Police, the so-called ‘family justice’ system and the ‘mainstream press and media’, MSM and the secret societies such as Freemasonry protecting the perpetrators and keeping the worst of their activity, satanic ritual abuse, SRA or just ritual abuse from public awareness.

Thus, while in earlier times these types’ evil-doing was perfectly public but the public were powerless to take them on, by this time in history the situation has reversed: We the public are now at the stage where we actually could easily take them on as we number by now billions to their at best several millions! But the problem now is that their activity having been cleverly concealed over so many generations the mass of the public is unaware of it and/or are in denial that such horrors are still routinely going on in our modern world!

From the evil-doing of this relative minority of types who are still secretly into child-sacrifice in our time stems all the other malfeasance and misery on this planet. These types and their horrible culture are woven into the warp and weft of society everywhere. Another problem is that they masquerade deliberately as different racial, cultural and ideological groups at different times in history and in different locations with the aim of confusing the mass of the population, confounding historians and enabling those who try to challenge them to be unsuccessful in ever driving them out of society. This is a many headed hydra; chop off one head of this monster and another will rapidly grow and carry on with the assault on children, its main food-supply.

In my own mind I refer to this monster as ‘the Beast at the Back of the World‘, in fact I have a children’s book of this title on the boil, the purpose of which is to help new generations of children going forwards into the future understand how to keep this beast permanently at bay once we have finally managed to overcome it at the beginning of the third or sixth millennium, depending on what calendar you use. This is the moment in history when the human race at last has the resources, degree of self-assurance but above all the knowledge needed to be able stand up to this beast and drive it from our world for  good. The moment is now; the opportunity is here and the people who will steer us through this slightly turbulent-to-begin-with transition, but rapidly turning to mass-euphoria and dancing in the streets are here, ready and poised for action, in fact already active.

The first thing as said to kick-start the process is KNOWLEDGE; from knowledge comes UNDERSTANDING and from understanding CORRECT ACTION.

By the end of this month’s blog I will have given everyone all we collectively need to gain mastery over this beast and permanently dis-empower it. But the very first thing needed is to absorb as much information as we can on The Problem and rapidly impart that to others, so that the scales start to fall from eyes everywhere.

Today’s contribution to knowledge and what we must therefore do comes in the form of this useful article on SRA entitled ‘Suffer little children’ written around 15 years ago it would appear but still extremely relevant. Thanks to Andrew for forwarding it to me in the wee small hours and I’m really happy to be working with you!



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(For a fuller explanation of why we need to Save the Hampstead Children and why this particular case, sadly amid many (ALL child-abuse is wrong) represents a ‘massive national opportunity’ and why we MUST involve the MPs please go to Day 1 of this blog, 1 July 2015


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