CRITICAL NATIONAL OPPORTUNITY for a better course for the country’s #children #WhistleblowerKids #Pauffley

Dear All

As you may be aware the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) case has many similarities with the Hollie Greig case, including that Mrs Justice Pauffley is presiding over it.

This month 2 important things are happening:

1) Mrs JP is going to come to a DECISION re. the children’s future care. It is feared that she will hand them to their abuser father which is top of LB Barnet’s list of options. Second on the list is to keep them in long-term foster-care and third is to hand them to their Russian grandparents. Returning them to their entirely innocent mother is nowhere on the list apparently.

This is all wrong and we must register our disapproval before care proceedings resume on 15th July. We need HUNDREDS more signatures on this PETITION IMMEDIATELY so please sign and share it as widely as you can. 

2) There is going to be a hearing for PERMISSION TO APPEAL against Mrs Pauffley’s judgment on THURSDAY 23rd JULY. Again we need a big crowd outside the High Court (Strand, London WC2) from 9.30 that morning + all seats taken in the public gallery so please try to be there!

As regards keeping up with developments in the case, if you’re not already aware of it the best website is

I’m also doing some more general blogging about it this month, explaining to the public why it remains such a critical and potentially world-changing case – see Child & Family section

Thanks in anticipation for your help!



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