UPDATE from Belinda McKenzie after yesterday’s mini-hearing before next deadline 19 March

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

I put this video also on the update of the petition, together with these summary points:

1. the judge sat only for a short while, apparently regarding my email;
2. the judgement is scheduled to be handed down on Thursday 19th March;
3. Belinda filed an emergency application to get Barnet Council to return the children asap; I published it on https://whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/judge-keehan-please-order-barnetcouncil-to-return-the-whistleblowerkids-to-their-russian-family/
4. two ’emergency judges’ saw the application – in Court 41 and Court 37 – so Mrs Justice Pauffley is not alone any more;
5. Belinda had a police van watching her house for an hour;
6. her email accounts with BT have been compromised which has happened before;
7. my solicitor was in the court;
8. the Russian Consul will support an application for contact with the children.

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One thought on “UPDATE from Belinda McKenzie after yesterday’s mini-hearing before next deadline 19 March

  1. Katherine March 19, 2015 at 11:44 pm Reply

    Hi Belinda, Sabine and All,

    Most children who have been victims of crimes such as this would have their identities protected. However, I read today that an estimated 4 million people have viewed these videos of A and G. Nor was Hollie Grieg’s privacy/confidence respected by your campaign.

    I do my bit, too, on the internet to support torture survivors and would not disclose another person’s identity – especially a child’s or a person with Down’s syndrome.

    The arrival of the internet lets us all be citizen journalists and campaign for change…

    The point is well taken about secrecy and cover-ups being wrong …However, can you not challenge those who are abusing others without plastering videos and photographs of those being abused all over the web which could haunt those children later on in life?

    I am sure that you are well-meaning and see, too, that the Human Rights Act isn’t really worth the paper its written on because those in power behave as though they’re above the law.

    Sorry that some things are just so dark and difficult to confront.

    All the best, Katherine

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