#BattleNews 8/Mar/15: three more court days for #WhistleblowerKids

Dear All

Thanks for joining this list which gets longer and longer with every passing day. Because of lack of time once again I’m incorporating newcomers into my old ‘Battle’ list (Battle for Britain’s Children 2014 & 2015) and please forgive me for not being able to answer you individually, at least not yet but I hugely appreciate your support, thank you, especially to those who have sent donations via The Knight Foundation.

As for this ‘Battle’ & ‘Britain’s Children’, these could be children of any nationality under UK jurisdiction and at risk from its notorious ‘child protection’ services – foreign families as we know are frequently targeted. Having been torn from their loving families and communities the children effectively become ‘orphans’ – who from that moment is really listening to them, who really cares about them, what does the future hold for them? Worst of all, we know a significant proportion of them will suffer sexual abuse and cruelty in care which is why they are there: Britain’s paedophile and sado-paedophile community needs ready access to children. Also, the ‘child-protection industry’ is a multi-million, billion pound industry; another sad reality is that we are battling greed for money here as well as paedophilia and worse.

Regarding the main case I’m currently involved in, the so-called Hampstead SRA case, as you know it’s currently the subject of proceedings in the family division of the High Court which are due to conclude on Thursday 12 March. So far there has been little if any mainstream press & media coverage of the case because of the reporting restrictions imposed at the outset by the judge, but I think we can safely predict that the floodgates are going to open once she hands down her verdict. What will she decide? Will she direct the local authority to deliver the children to their Russian grandparents which is what the vast majority of people watching the case consider is what should now happen? Will she place the blame for everything that’s happened to them roundly on their mum’s ‘shady’ boyfriend against whom ‘evidence’ that he is a sexual abuser has conveniently come to light as a result of the police raid on his flat 2 weeks ago? Or will she direct the police to re-open their enquiry into the activity of the father and certain people named as his associates? Will she send the case to the criminal court as many believe should have happened right at the outset? Will she order prosecutions to be brought against others involved in circulating details of the case or who have been discussing it publicly, such as myself?

Regarding the ‘evidence’ against the boyfriend, please consider the behaviour of the police in this case, how they bullied the children to retract their statements using sleep-deprivation and mind-control techniques to wear them down till they complied with what was required of them. The police then closed their enquiry into a case in which some 60 people had been listed as suspects or at least potential witnesses after only 2 weeks! Of course by the same token the police could plant evidence or claim to have found evidence in the boyfriend’s flat.

At this stage I am preparing for the eventuality of being arrested – this could be the last time I send you ‘Battle News’! At best I’m expecting to be publicly denigrated along with my colleague Sabine McNeill. Private defamation suits may be brought against us by some of those offended by having their names and contact details published on the internet, not that I personally have had any part in that but I could be regarded as having been an accessory. If all this kicks in as of Thursday it will be ‘battle over’ for me which I fully expected ever since I began trying to help the mother as her McKenzie Friend. I knew there could be hell to pay for getting involved, yet opting out was never an option either because I could not and cannot live with the knowledge that these terrible things go on in our world and that we cannot do a thing about it. WE CAN – this has been a huge opportunity to open minds to the reality of SRA and whatever the outcome on Thursday I know people will continue to believe that the brave whistle-blower children were telling the truth. We owe it to them to ensure that their ordeal will not have been in vain and that thanks to them down the line future generations of children will be saved from these horrors and we will have a better world generally.

Please, if I’m not around to campaign in the coming weeks prior to the General Election would everyone help make sure child-abuse, past, present and future is an election issue. Challenge each candidate as to where they stand on this issue! Check out their family background, education, careers to date. Don’t vote for them if they come across as cold and uncaring – ask them what they’d like to see changed in Britain for the sake of their own children or grandchildren growing up and watch their reaction! We all have that thing called ‘gut feeling’ – use it!

My slogan for the election is ‘People not Parties’. As it’s likely that there will be a hung parliament/coalition government we can all opt for a totally different criterion for choosing who to vote for so why not give this one a whirl?

Best wishes and luck to all and please carry on the fight for our children!


PS I will be outside the RCJ on my usual 12-2 vigil Tuesday and Wednesday next week, then Thursday is the end of the case so I’ll be there from 10 am. This is the crucial day and there may well be some press and media around so please if you can, drop everything else and come along to RCJ Thursday 12 March. Maybe you’ll see me being arrested!!

PPS A REMINDER TO ATTEND MUMSY’S ANTI-CHILD ABUSE RALLY SATURDAY 11 APRIL LONDON – assemble Trafalgar Square 10 am, march to Downing Street & Parliament Square, bring bells, whistles, banners, drums, pipes, crazy costumes, make it the biggest and best anti-CSA rally ever!

PETITIONS TO SIGN – 38 Degrees has it in for corrupt social workers, well done 38 Degrees

HAMPSTEAD FRONT – follow the continuing story on https://whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com and please circulate the link so more and more people sign the PETITION. Here are videos of this past week’s street action outside RCJ

Brilliant analysis of G’s retraction:


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3 thoughts on “#BattleNews 8/Mar/15: three more court days for #WhistleblowerKids

  1. l8in March 9, 2015 at 12:32 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  2. frances mareky March 12, 2015 at 9:27 pm Reply

    remember and let everyone know how the boyfriend was set up

  3. Anonymous April 2, 2015 at 1:15 pm Reply

    due to the mckenzie friends getting involved, they have put ella draper in a very bad position, i believe that sabina and berlinda had a plan to deliberately corrupt the proceedings, they knew that by leaking information to the public, that it would create this position for ella draper, then allowing the children to be taken, i would not trust belinda, why is she controlling what protestors do, why is she stopping people from going to hampstead-who are you belinda-who are you to stop protestors protesting, and why are you telling people not to go to hampstead and protest, you seem to be controlling this, people are free to do what they like, and we should have been to all the places named by the children, maybe we could have saw the church being converted to the remove the evidence, maybe we could have changed something through protesting, but you seem to not want that…….. and to not know it was an open court, smells like your a dodgy woman, whats your game belinda………..and who are all these weird and dodgy people outside the courts, i think theres a few peedos in amongst that lot, possibly even abusers connected to the scandal……..it seems to me this rent a crowd are the strangest crowd I’ve seen, anyway, i don’t trust you belinda-you are a double agent.

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