BATTLE for Britain’s Children: News 01 March 2015

15 03 01 YouTubeDear All

Long time no Battle News! which doesn’t mean that the ‘Battle for Britain’s Children’ is over, the opposite, in fact we’re right in the thick of it in 2015! Which means less words and more action, for the moment anyway. Besides, as some may be aware I’m involved in this horrible case eclipsing all attention right now, the ‘Hampstead SRA case’ which is partly the reason for my recent silence. The Association of McKenzie Friends has been assisting the mother, first in Barnet County Court in December, then in the family division of the High Court to which the case was transferred in January. A fact-finding hearing of the case opened on 17 February for 4 days and after a gap this past week it will resume on Tuesday 3 March for 4 days this week, then 3 days next week, 10, 11 & 12 when the judge Mrs Justice Pauffley will hand down her judgement.

Following the 26 January case management hearing I lost confidence that HHJ Pauffley would play fair in the case when she endorsed Barnet Council’s contact arrangements in which the father who is under allegations of having abused the children, continued to be granted weekly contact-time with them while the mother who is recognised to be innocent of harming them could still only see them once a fortnight. The judge said that at that point she hadn’t yet done any reading so she had “no idea” who had abused the children. So why not grant a level playing-field between the parties, then?

She has since expelled me from her courtroom following the mother’s having fled the country when an attempt was made to arrest her, hence I’ve reverted to public campaigning about the case. Having said which, as it is still sub judice and very draconian action having been taken against Sabine for allegedly leaking stuff about it onto the internet, I’m focusing more on the narrative of what is going on around it rather than what’s immediately happening inside the courtroom.

Following the actual proceedings has in any case become an impossibility as there is now no one in there on the side of the mother to hear what is being said about her or indeed about her current partner who seems to be being cast in the role of scapegoat, with or without his acquiescence – has he been recruited in with promise of future reward?? (There is surely a sub-narrative regarding the three men who have sequentially seduced the mother, this very gorgeous and highly intelligent Russian lady, do any of them connect with each other??!! If so which of them connect with each other and how??!!)

BRITISH SLEUTHS, ARISE FROM YOUR SLUMBERS AND GET STUCK IN! Apart from the parties to the case themselves, some 40-50 local residents of the Hampstead area are alleged to be involved in the alleged cult or ring, yet as in the Hollie Greig case it would appear that none of them have been questioned by the police, still less their computers seized. In fact the parallels generally between this case and the Hollie Grieg case are very striking indeed, including that the same judge is presiding over it in the High Court.
Will have to leave it there for the moment but this is just to engage everyone in following the case from now on if you’re not aware of it as this could be the Big One that cracks open all the others, well that’s still the hope!
Have a great Sunday

PETITION – on the petition-site you’ll find a story-brief about the case and please sign if you haven’t done so on the blue button Post to Facebook (not immediately obvious but that is the button for signing)

SABINE’S BLOG –  follow the story on Sabine’s blog, although she’s now on the run she’s managing to put up stuff most days, for example there’s a very good general video on there at the moment:

THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION – almost unbelievably Lloyd’s bank STILL haven’t opened our bank account! They wrote to me end January to say the account was now open but then at the end of February I got another letter saying it’s still closed as they need one more document wet-signed by Sabine (TKF Secretary).

Sabine is now absent from the UK and difficult to track down however we now more than ever urgently need funds, especially with her needing to pay lawyers to defend her… So I’ve put up a temporary bank-account on TKF site and I trust that despite the same old rubbish still being posted about me on line (which dates straight back to the Hollie Hoax days of 2012) most people know I’m totally honest, so please if you possibly can give us something to deal with the immediate emergency that will be very helpful. Please put your name on the transfer so I can thank you!  and to those who have just joined this list and have already started helping with offers of support and bits of money, we’re tremendously grateful and I can’t tell you how much it means to have people all over the world writing in in support of our effort. I do hope and intend in time to answer you all individually but for the moment please accept this collective THANK YOU!

Also on TKF website I’m putting bits of news and posting videos, here are the latest ones:

DEMOS – for my fellow-activists on this list within orbit of London just to remind you that I shall be at the RCJ every day during the period of the fact-finding hearing from 12-to 2 pm so please join me if/when you possibly can. I’m hoping for another slightly bigger turn-out on Tuesday 3 March when the case reopens, to be able to update everyone to camera.

ROBERT GREEN – although I’m mostly tied up down south these days, Hollie, Anne and Robert are never far from my thoughts so this is to let you know if you don’t already know that Robert’s trial will take place on Wednesday 4 March at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and once again they’ve allocated the smallest court-room in the building to it, Court 3 so anyone going GET THERE EARLY or like the fiasco last time you might not get in.  For news of the outcome go to


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5 thoughts on “BATTLE for Britain’s Children: News 01 March 2015

  1. uknews100 March 3, 2015 at 5:08 pm Reply

    I’m absolutely stunned! So much, I truly don’t know what to say. Very unusual for me, as nothing these criminal elites do should surprise me. I explained to Sabine I had a few run ins with them, and was threatened physically by ppl high up in business world, I thought they didn’t do that type of thing (how wrong I was).

    I can’t believe that cops allows this sort of thing to happen to KIDS, it’s disgusting, I know it is powerful people, but thought these people were paid to uphold OUR laws. Even politicians/royalty must adhere to the laws of OUR country, especially when it involves Raping/Murdering Children. These men/women (police/MPs) should be ashamed of themselves and we WILL bring them all to account for their inaction, soon. They keep on feeding dead/dying celebrities to mesmerise the sheep, all the while continuing their abuse of thousands of children across UK.

  2. maureenjenner March 6, 2015 at 3:26 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Maybe this is why the bureaucrats want to snoop, pry and try to silence the internet and its network of worldwide contacts. Please read and reblog to as many as you can. Spread the word – justice will not be silenced.

  3. K March 8, 2015 at 5:05 pm Reply

    Belinda, might be an idea for someone to check the person who hosts christ church’s website. J o e l S o l o n of P u m p k i n P i e
    There are a few addresses for this person, but one address links to an address (13 Prowse Place, London, NW1 9PN ) for those (at n-psa (The International Neuro Psychoanalysis Centre and Society)) besotted by Freud!

  4. K March 8, 2015 at 5:08 pm Reply

    Looks a bit obscure, so reiterate: J o e M o r r i s S o l o n

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