OUTSIDE a Secret Family Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice – on behalf of the #WhistleBlowerKids #wbk

Belinda is telling the story her way, I do it on http://www.whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com and on http://www.tinyurl.com/savethewhistleblowerkids – the petition that requires 100,000 signatures to be taken seriously by HM Government.

VIDEO – here’s the video of our demo on Tuesday

A bit too much of me, sorry! but I was trying to set the scene on Day 1 of the Fact-Finding hearing of the case. I do hope and intend others will feature as we go along. As said, the aim is to keep this narrative going and this story very live outside the court and in the public, no matter what is going on inside that building.

DEMOS – it’s now Day 4 of our action outside the court and as usual I’ll be there between 12-2 ‘keeping a presence’, just so they know we’re watching and in the immortal words of Dejana “we do not agree.” No way!  Thanks to those who came along yesterday and it would be great if anyone can join me today but don’t worry if you can’t, people have to work, etc. This will be ongoing for the next 3 weeks BUT, reminder, next week there will be a pause in these proceedings, although the regular Empowerment Monday group will be outside the RCJ 12-4 and no doubt they will be flagging up the case too.

Our own demos start up again 3-6 March, Tuesday to Friday that week, then 10-12 March Tuesday-Thursday the following week and I’ll be there 12-2 each of those days, with the possible exception of Wednesday 4th when I’ll hoping to be up in Aberdeen at Robert Green’s trial. I say possible because anything can happen in this situation and I could be needed down here….Hopefully a couple of people will be able to cover for me that day if I do go up to Scotland.

RUSSIAN EMBASSY HELP – after the demo yesterday, by invitation of the Third Secretary of the ‘Citizen & Adoption Unit’ of the Embassy who is taking a personal interest in this case a selection of us including the children’s grandparents attended a meeting with him to discuss what to do and how to go forward. It was a very productive meeting as we’ve been joined by an ‘independent’ barrister’ (British) appointed by the mother who will be coordinating the legal side of our effort to secure justice for her, the children and the grandparents in this case. The barrister is not a family lawyer himself but he’ll be working to find ‘like-minded’ as he puts it family law solicitors to pick up the case when it comes back in a week’s time. He will also be attending to the immediate ‘criminal’ situation, ie. the harassment charges against the mother and attempted arrest of both her and also of her McKenzie Friend causing both to flee the country and now we heard that yesterday 10 police officers arrived also at the home of the mother’s partner, ostensibly looking for her!

As for the Russian official/Embassy, they are unable to actually join the proceedings as this would jeopardise their diplomatic immunity but the Secretary said that he or a deputy would be attending court every day from now on as observers which is already very helpful as for 3 solid days since I was ejected there has been no one in that courtroom on the mother & children’s side. He also told us there is the possibility of securing funding from a Russian charitable foundation set up to assist Russian nationals encountering problems in foreign jurisdictions which could help with an immediate appeal following closure of the case, should the outcome be unsatisfactory as seems very likely it will be.

‘POLICE’ HARASSMENT – one of the first tasks of the new ‘team’ now convened to assist the mother in her absence is to identify who were/are these 10 ‘police’, some in uniform some in plain-clothes who raided the mother’s partner’s home yesterday, looking for her? Are they mainstream police or are they some kind of private force working for the father and his cronies?? It would appear that the 10 who participated yesterday could be the same as those who have been harassing the mother and grandparents at their home over the past 3 weeks, as well as making ‘negative’ contact with Sabine’s landlord and neighbour in her absence. Once again in yesterday’s operation they were unable to produce a warrant. One of the first tasks therefore of the new ‘team’ headed by the barrister and the Russian Embassy official is to identify who instructs these people and for what purpose?

So some progress yesterday but clearly the authorities are very edgy, especially as the police videos of the children plus transcripts of these interviews suddenly appeared online on Wednesday  – sorry I don’t have the link and most likely they will already have been taken down.

So some progress, but it’s still bound to be a bumpy ride for a few days/weeks to come. EG., I’ve heard that the Daily Mail is incubating a damning article about the case in its Mail on Sunday edition this weekend…

Best all




3 thoughts on “OUTSIDE a Secret Family Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice – on behalf of the #WhistleBlowerKids #wbk

  1. Sabine Kurjo McNeill February 22, 2015 at 11:38 am Reply
  2. maureenjenner February 23, 2015 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    The greater the circulation of these facts, the more embarrassing for the authorities. I hope their cheeks glow red hot.

  3. mary February 24, 2015 at 5:11 pm Reply

    These people really need to be stopped !! How do we know if the judge is not in that cult there’s been so many people all over the world involved in this so how do we know who is and isn’t ? This is a discrace of humanity , I hope they all go to hell for what they have done to all the children involved , it makes me sick to the core to think of what these children have been through its wrong on so many levels it’s sick , they really need to be stopped all of them , I hope I can help in any way I can …..

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