#BattleNews 15/11/14 from @belindaProChild re #ForcedAdoption #HollieGreig #MelanieShaw

Dear All

Apologies for the long lapse in sending out ‘Battle News’ and the less said about why I ‘dried up’ for 5 months the better.

Fortunately the mainstream press & media are really onto the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) these days and there’s been no shortage of articles and reports to read on the subject, has there, plus innumerable videos online. Which is absolutely great, public awareness cannot fail to be growing!
Yet there’s still nowhere near enough real ACTION to get at the core of the problem and a lot of fiddling about at the edges, for example, the string of white-haired old men hauled up before the courts charged with abusing teenagers decades ago, then yet another attack on the Muslim community via the Rochdale scandal. Neither of these categories of the recently publicly-pilloried is innocent, no way, and yet, constantly niggling away in my mind is the as yet unidentified PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE (PIE) high-level confraternity of the ‘70s-‘80s who wanted the age of consent lowered to 4? or 5? years. Reports differ, but basically members of PIE wanted sex with very young children legalised. Exactly who were on the list of those who signed up to PIE?? This has not been revealed, with talk of the list having been lost! But those people certainly know who they are and some of them remain in our lower or upper parliament today!

It’s bad enough for teenagers to be raped but infants/pre-schoolers? Sorry, I really cannot bear it, I have very young grandchildren…

So the ‘Battle’ must go on, until that horrible and execrable beast, Paedophilia UK is bound in chains and led away to some remote, enclosed location far, far removed from normal society. I have in mind a cross between a Safari Park for wild animals and an Indian Reservation for these psychopathic people (with no disrespect to/great respect for the NA Indians and their fine culture and in full recognition of all the abuse they have suffered at the hands of the stupid, cruel and destructive white man over 400+ years, still ongoing…). Never mind if those consigned to this remote, semi-comfortable, enclosed rural facility are senior members of the military, the government, the clergy, the judiciary or even royalty? SORRY but all of these perverts and sadists need removing from our midst and putting somewhere far away where they can slog it out together. We will attend to their bodily needs (bar one such need that is) but after that they’re on their own.


Now, one of the reasons I’ve been out of communication (although have given the odd ‘sign of life’ here and there so no one would be worried – I assume most on this mailing list approve of me?! Big Hi here to McKenzie Enemies, love you!) is that I’ve been battling all year with a) BT, Microsoft & Amazon aka ’internet connectivity’ and b) the damned finances, having taken on 4 more ‘dependents’, all victims of/fugitives from the skewed British so-called justice system struggling to get children back and urgently needing help with accommodation, travel, legal fees etc.

I find money largely boring and am not remotely interested in it, apart from it’s being an indicator of the ebb-and-flow of human psychological compulsion which is a fascinating whole area. But as I’ve discovered painfully this year, lack of money is a serious impediment to being able to help people, especially children, or even being able to move around, hence my public activity has more or less ground to a stop, despite a few friends momentarily pitching in to help, god bless you, your names are inscribed in gold on my heart.

The obvious solution is to SET UP A CHARITY which is what I’m now in the process of doing. After a few months dithering around trying to decide whether I really do want to run a charity? yet another children’s charity, on top of the hundreds already registered with the Charity Commission? I’m going to take the plunge so THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION which is going to be a charity with a difference! will be launched at long last on 30th November this month in Camden London (see below details of venue & time).

That’s it for now, have a great weekend


(This new mass-mailing facility won’t let me insert the Battle flag here, please imagine that!)

HOLLIE’S BIRTHDAY!  Hollie will be 35 next Saturday 23rd November and as usual I’ll be seeing her and hope to be able to take along some birthday cards from all of us so please send them to me addressed Hollie c/o McKenzie, 83 Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU by Friday 22nd . Thanks very much, Hollie will be delighted to know we’re still thinking of her after all this time, Hollie’s day of justice WILL come, for very sure.

‘SUNSHINE IN CAMDEN’ Reminder to those within orbit of London to BOOK NOW to see unique Canadian comedian Katsura Sunshine performing Japanese traditional comic story-telling ‘rakugo’ (in English!) Sunday 30th November at The Forge Venue, Delancey Street, Camden Town London NW1. GUARANTEED SERIOUSLY FUNNY! Simply EMAIL ME BACK whether you’ll be coming to the 3pm or 7pm performance and no. of tickets required, advance price £10 payable on the door. Event doubles as said as the launch of my charity The Knight Foundation so it would be great to have some friends in the audience! BTW it’s also going to be SUNSHINE IN SCOTLAND this month as he’s going to Manchester on 22nd followed by Edinburgh & Glasgow on 23rd & 24th www.katsurasunshine.com

SID & BELINDA VIDEO – Thanks to Miles Johnston for filming us end of last month as part of his Bases series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53rPzzMKIcc&feature=youtu.be

SCOTTISH FRONT – As of yesterday Scotland has a new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon so let’s all write to her and ask if she’ll lend her weight to the setting up of a CSA Inquiry in Scotland and for that to include an examination of the Hollie Greig case   https://www.holyrood.com/articles/news/decision-historic-child-abuse-inquiry-imminent

BRUSSELS FRONT – Very proud of my colleague in The Association of McKenzie Friends Sabine’s latest expedition to the EU! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/11225026/Parents-fight-British-social-services-gag-to-petition-European-Parliament.html

NOTTINGHAM FRONT – Battle is raging in Nottingham! Terrific action, well done guys. (Nottingham is where Melanie Shaw grew up in Beechwood Children’s Home and is now whistle-blowing on the chronic systematic abuse she and virtually all the children suffered in this and other local homes and is being terribly persecuted for her bravery, google the UK Column/Melanie Shaw). https://www.facebook.com/mickey.summers.9/posts/10202870323070823?comment_id=10202870687959945&offset=0&total_comments=6&notif_t=share_comment


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