BATTLE NEWS from Belinda McKenzie – 08 June 2014

Alex Salmond ‘goose stepping’

Dear All

After hitting a low point last month, financially that is to say I’m happy to report that I’m back in the saddle, thanks to the great generosity of a dozen supporters who between them have enabled me to continue to make trips up to Scotland in the coming few weeks – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I’m exceedingly grateful to you, you’ll certainly be on the Roll of Honour when this fight is concluded and hopefully successful!

Not a moment too soon as the really active part of the Battle, what I call my ‘Special Operation’ is about to commence. I mentioned this a few weeks back and asked for volunteers willing to allow me to inform you & hopefully enlist you VIA YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS – maybe that was the problem, I didn’t at the time give my my postal address? so here it is 83 PRIORY GARDENS LONDON N6 5QU.

So drop me a line and all will be revealed, as long as I’m satisfied that is that you’re not a McKenzie Enemy (I’ve a good idea who all of those are by now!)

Even without any ‘volunteers’ I will still be able to carry out the Operation but it will certainly help to have a few people assisting – but NB it can be done from home and will not take much of your time at all.

Now – where have things got to nearly halfway through Battle Year and with the exciting part still ahead?! Originally I planned to do a lot more ‘street action’ than I’ve been doing and certainly don’t rule that out, especially when the moment is right, as it was in Perth last month during the final push to get Robert out of prison. But I’m more and more of the mind that to beat this enemy I call Paedophilia UK, Robert calls it our ‘paedo-fascist state’ or ‘paedocracy’, shouting on the street is not going to achieve very much, in fact in Scotland it will just get me locked up, as I’ve already been warned will happen – “McKenzie is next!” has appeared on certain blogs and forums recently…

No, to beat this centuries-old indeed millennia-old enemy which has got such a grip on Scotland, indeed on our whole society and public life by now traditional protest is just not going to work; a much subtler approach is necessary. Let’s face it, these perverted people double as our rulers and they are very gung-ho because they’ve got the senior police, military, legal profession and media on their side – they clearly view themselves as untouchable! You only have to look at Savile, Cyril Smith etc. Actually, I’m calling Denis Mackie ‘Scotland’s Savile’ these days because it’s apparently impossible to get that man into the dock/behind bars, just like no one could touch Savile while he was alive. And yet, tantalisingly, ‘DENIS-IN-THE-DOCK’ is the solution to the whole Hollie conundrum and would instantly bring the whole house of cards fluttering to the ground…

How to do, how to do? has been churning in my mind all year, on ever-dwindling resources, with only a relatively few faithful supporters (not so much of me but of the cause) when an army is needed! Where, how and when to strike when there may only be one chance to do so?? Etc., round and round, day and night – people have been telling me I look a bit ‘spaced out’ these days, no wonder, if they realised what’s going on inside my head!

Well happy to say I now have the answer to all the questions so it’s just a case of rolling out the rest of the programme and reassuring everyone this really is entirely doable. The other side may have needed millennia to infiltrate all of us and lure us into their nasty New World Order by stealth but the fact is we’re still not in, the gate is by no means yet shut, there is everything still to play for, in fact this very year we’re in, NOW – it’s interesting that NOW is an anagram of New World Order, in fact if you type NWO Microsoft changes it into NOW, don’t know if Apple also does that?

Yes indeed, this is the moment to strike, right NOW!

Have a lovely rest of Sunday


Scottish Front: As most will have gathered by now Robert is free even though still under licence/gagged which means he can’t go online and is generally very restricted as to what he can do – “I can’t even go away for a weekend in my own country!” as he puts it. So he still very much enjoys getting letters and corresponding with people, his address is 4 Birchdale Road Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 4AR.

Rusty (Tim Rustige), author of Rusty’s Skewed News Views, though is still locked up in HMP Barlinnie and having a horrible time of it in that Dickensian institution with no prospect of release until August 11th – like Robert he’s also not in his first youth and his health is rapidly deteriorating so there’s a drive on to get him out asap. For what to do go to which has metamorphosed into ‘Release Rusty’ and PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION:

Also in Scotland, there’s mounting concern and consternation about early implementation of the Named Persons legislation – the law giving every child a State Guardian

A little light merriment at Salmond’s expense!

South of the border: Same as in Scotland, the tentacles of the state are ever out to seize children by fair means or foul…

Sinister new legislation also in the pipeline is the so-called Cinderella law

GOOD NEWS! – at long last the MPs are beginning to stir into action, first 7, now 13? 15? and hopefully numbers will rise in a rush in the coming days, thanks Ian for excellent coverage of this new phenomenon and as he says, get onto your own MP about this immediately:

Can it really be that 140,000 UK children go missing every year? Sadly yes it can…

Finally SID IS ON THE MARCH AGAIN from Glasgow to Brussels this time – I gather he’s reached Newcastle. Time has run out for this blog, grandson afoot! So will report next time, also on matters on the ‘Brussels’ & ‘McKenzie Friends’ fronts.

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