BATTLE NEWS Easter 2014 on two fronts: Scotland and Brussels

Dear All

In the last Battle News I talked mainly about the ‘Scottish front’ and have to again today. Sorry to harp on, but what happens north of the border this summer remains critical to achieving success in this 2014 battle for better child-protection in this country as well Scotland being where I’ve been most actively engaged over the past 4 years in the campaign for Justice for Hollie Greig

There are still 5 whole months from the time of writing this blog during which Scottish children continue to be British children and as such remain the concern of everybody in these islands. After that, if Scotland votes for independence Scottish children might continue to be of concern to the rest of us but we will be able to do little further to help them…

The ‘Independence’ campaign has been dubbed a largely ‘moral’ campaign by more than one commentator, the potential economic and financial benefits to Scotland of going it alone being tenuous to say the least. OK, well if this a ‘moral’ campaign let’s have a long, hard look at MORALITY in Scotland, public morality that is, nothing to do with ordinary Scots who are a thoroughly decent, brilliant people. It’s the personal morality of those who are going to be their leaders from now on, should things to go their way on 18th September, who are in fact already the leaders of Scotland. So how do these people measure up on the issue of child-protection, my baseline for assessing ‘MQ’, Moral & Ethical Quotient? (We’ve already got IQ and EQ as measures of people, I’m adding MQ).

Straightaway there’s a massive problem. Scotland’s current leaders as well as the Chief Commissioner for Scotland’s already centralised police force, Police Scotland have to a man and woman shied right away from the burning moral issue of the day: Do children raped by adults in Scotland REGARDLESS OF WHO THE ADULTS ARE have the right to have their abusers investigated and would members of the police and political establishment be in default of their public responsibility if they failed to follow up such a report/s of abuse?

Cutting to the chase, is it OK in Scotland for a serial child-rapist such as Denis Mackie to continue to be getting away with his crimes which also include murder and theft and for a group of his relatives & friends to wield such influence over the local police & procurator’s office as to be able to get anyone who dares to challenge him/them locked away? Such is clearly the power of this Aberdeen-based clique, but is all Scotland happy with this scenario??

The latest very worrying development in the story is that one of those locked up in prison in 2014 for standing up to Denis Mackie & Co., controllers of Aberdeen, Robert Green is ill with heart trouble and high blood pressure. He has an historic heart condition and it appears that the strain of being held on remand in HMP Perth since 13th February has been taking its toll on him. So his supporters have launched into a drive to try to get him released on compassionate grounds – the Free Robert Green campaign has now metamorphosed into Release Robert Green on Compassionate Grounds. I myself have been hammering away all last week at Aberdeen’s Procurator Fiscal, Andrew Shanks who whenever I phoned sometimes twice in the same day was never at his desk or available… I’m reliably informed that when the matter came before judge Lady Wise at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on a renewed bail application on Wednesday 19th March (Robert himself was conspicuously not produced for the hearing) this PF Shanks informed the judge that Green had been leafleting outside the Sheriff Court! Totally untrue and a deceitful ploy to justify bail being refused and as such tantamount to perverting the course of justice.

So please would EVERYONE join in and put pressure on the Scottish authorities to let Robert go home. There is a list on of Scottish officials to write to (go to the last-but-one-post), or just write to your MP, marking your letter or email as URGENT.

You could send the MP the link to the wonderful post written by Paul a supporter on his blog which says absolutely what needs to be said – many thanks to Paul for that. And as always FOLLOW UP your mailing with a phone-call in a couple of days to check if the MP has done anything at all about this? Because he very much should – none of this “Mr Green-is-not-my-constituent” malarkey, Robert Green is a national hero. If he or she does come back with this excuse for not doing anything ask him/her to write to Robert’s own MP David Mowat or to the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael AND KEEP ON AT THE MP TILL HE/SHE DOES SOMETHING. Doing nothing while a very brave English/Welshman may be dying in a Scottish prison for trying to get a notorious paedophile case investigated is not on.

And you can use his prisoner number 125799 in HMP Perth to write to him using Email a Prisoner

It costs £5 to start, with 30p a message of 2,500 characters.


Now – swivelling from Scotland to the other farthest ‘front’ in the Battle, BRUSSELS, it’s a month since my fellow-warrior in the Association of McKenzie Friends Sabine McNeill led a ‘pilgrimage’ as she called it of 30 UK and foreign parents & grandparents to the EU Parliament to present our Petition ‘Abolish Forced Adoption Without Parental Consent‘ to the 66-member EU Petitions Committee.

Underscoring this troubling fact, John Hemming MP held an event in Parliament in June 2013 precisely on behalf of these many foreign families on his own 2000-strong case-file who have been victims of the UK child so-called protection system in recent years. It was attended by representatives of no less than 30 foreign embassies! By now ‘UK child-snatching‘ is horribly on the international map…

Hence the reception of the 30 delegates or ‘pilgrims’ from UK on 19th March by the Petitions Committee MEPs was patently sympathetic. 2 MEPs had to leave the chamber in tears following video-footage of an actual live child-snatch being played, while the Chair on conclusion of Sabine’s impassioned oration as why she and her retinue in the Chamber had come to Brussels responded calmly yet with more than a faint hint of being personally rattled by the issue “thank you, yes we are aware…”

After the emotion had subsided, the Chair indicated that the EU were “going to do something”- they would be sending a fact-finding mission to the UK and holding a public hearing in the Parliament. We will certainly be holding the EU to its pledge!

In the meantime there have been a number of significant effects from Sabine’s Brussels action. There has been substantial mainstream TV coverage of individual cases in Portugal, Slovakia and Latvia not to mention a BBC Look North news feature again focussing on the Portuguese case, the Pedros v. Lincolnshire Council. I outlined this shocking case in my March 23rd mailing and the brutal treatment by Grantham police to which this innocent and most unfortunate couple whose 5 children were removed from them in April 2013 were subjected on their return from Brussels.

It is therefore with great delight that I report that the Pedros have been informed they may return to Portugal with their 5 children! In fact they first learned the good news on Friday morning via Portuguese TV. The first hint of a happy outcome came 2 weeks ago when we heard that the Adoption Panel to seal the fate of the youngest 2 children due to convene this month had been suspended. Then on Thursday the Portuguese attache visited Lincolnshire Council and that apparently was it. For updates, please visit

I am perfectly certain that the exposure given to this case and the fact that people have been writing letters of complaint to the Lincolnshire authorities has helped to secure this successful result. Many thanks to anyone on this mailing list who has participated, I know of at least two of you but there may well be more as several people expressed concern at my report of the inhumane treatment of the Pedros by the police.

‘People power’ has yet to secure a good outcome in the other cases, although the Latvian attache will be visiting Merton Council in respect of another delegate to Brussels in March, a mother from Riga whose 6 year-old daughter was taken from her four years ago and to say she has been distraught ever since is an understatement.

And we have heard in the past 24 hours that another of the foreign delegates to Brussels, a Watford-based Indian father whose baby boy was removed at birth before the all-important ‘naming ceremony’ and to the father’s deep distress is to be given an English name has been arrested and beaten up in police cells…

Nothing less than root-and-branch reform of the whole institutional culture framing this deeply shaming and very un-British child so-called protection policy-gone-mad will do at this stage.

Please check out the ‘Brussels ripple effect’ as it continues on Sabine’s blog, here’s her 12 April posting

Hope everyone is having a great Easter/holiday despite the rain


A propos our ‘Brussels initiative’, here is LJ Munby in January

McKenzie Friends are on the line for court costs in April!

Latest sinister new law affecting families heading towards us in 2015

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