BATTLE NEWS 23 March 2014: linking Portugal with Scotland via Brussels and London

13 12 20 Battle for Britains ChildrenDear All

Yesterday I had yet another complaint, albeit mildly expressed that the ‘Battle’ meme is too confrontational. ‘Battle’ implies conflict & confrontation when we should be seeking peace and reconciliation, even with Paedophilia UK! – who are mostly not fundamentally wicked or evil people, but people like you and me who had the dire misfortune to suffer paedophile abuse during their own childhood, hence cannot help what they are doing in turn as adults to accessible children within their sights…

(And once again, may I make it clear that when I engaged in this ‘Battle’ it was primarily against my own inner inertia, depression, despair and constant goading from inside my head to ‘give up’, blank out the children’s suffering as everyone else seems to be doing and return to my ordinary pre-Battle existence (when I was some kind of animated vegetable in the allotment of life, planted there by my parents, and took pleasure in passive & non-confrontational activities such as gardening and reading like the rest of ‘Middle England’)

I DON’T EXPECT AND DON’T DEMAND a single soul to be alongside me on the streets or in the parks as I go about during Battle Year which was entirely my own concept and I fully accept that other folk may be dealing with the problem in different ways which may be more effective; I entirely respect whatever anyone else is doing on the various fronts to stop this attack on our children & families.
Also NOTE ‘Britain’s children’ includes ALL children in this country now – at any time there are thousands of children up and down the country who are not nationals of this country and whose parents have come here temporarily as migrant workers or even just as tourists yet our government seizes their children too!

For example, as I write this blog under my roof is a lovely Portuguese couple whose entire family of 5 beautiful and intelligent children were removed from them by Lincolnshire Council in April 2013, simply because a youth worker working with the oldest, a 13 year-old boy with ADHD had reported to Social Services that according to the boy the father had hit him (not true! This father never laid a finger on any of his children!). Before you could say ‘blink’ a coterie of 7-8 police officers and social workers were on the family’s doorstep at 5 pm ready to seize the children as the mum returned from picking them up from school, having already wrest the 2 year-old from his father’s arms. There ensued the inevitable primal scene of screaming and crying of the mother and father and all 5 children at once – these are the sounds that echo constantly in my head day and night and give me no peace…this is why I’m fighting this battle…

14 03 23 Slide 9

Nearly one year later these parents have endured the usual repeated futile proceedings in family court to no avail, hence on Wednesday 19th March they were part of my colleague Sabine’s expedition or ‘pilgrimage’ as she called it to the EU parliament in Brussels along with some 30 other parents + grandparents of ‘stolen’ children from the UK and all round Europe. (I myself was busy on the home-front participating in Budget Day action at Parliament).

[This is the last of the slides that I presented to the Petitions Committee. Sabine]

The occasion was the presentation of our/McKenzie Friends’ petition Abolish Forced Adoption without Parental Consent which hopefully all of you helped sign – thank you! – to the EU Petitions Committee in their chamber. More than one parliamentarian had to leave the chamber in tears as footage was played of a ‘child-snatch’ caught on video and all were visibly shocked and angry to learn what the UK is up to. Of course this is a Europe-wide indeed world-wide problem but without a shadow of doubt the UK leads the field as being currently the worst offender so this is where attention has to be focused if we are to rid the world of this scourge.

My Portuguese mum & dad have paid bitterly for their bravery in visiting the EU parliament and for the events of the day being filmed by a Portuguese TV crew with the result that the whole of Portugal is buzzing with their story. At 6 am on Friday morning, 36 hours after their return from Brussels once again the police were on their doorstep with a warrant to search their home and arrest them. With mum still only in her pyjamas they were taken to the local police-station and flung into 2 cells where they stayed all day till they were released on bail at 7 pm. They were charged with committing an offence whilst on bail before bail had even been imposed! Mother was given 2 cups of tea during the entire day, father asked twice for water but was not given a drop. No food from dawn till dusk. And the cells were freezing – mother as said was dressed only in pyjamas and only had one thin blanket. In the cells were only a bed and a toilet bucket, nothing to read, nothing to write with, no one to talk to all day. Mother says she spent the day shivering with cold and crying… [Please compare with the phone call I had received! Sabine]

When they returned home they found their cosy flat completely ransacked, everything tipped out of drawers and cupboards and everything of value including sentimental value gone – phones, laptops, pictures, documents. Mother’s ID card was gone meaning she can no longer leave the country (father had cannily hidden his and the children’s!)

Which is why they are here being given lashings of comfort and TLC by me and other inmates and tomorrow we will be visited by the Portuguese equivalent of BBC so apologies to my EMPOWERMENT MONDAY friends, yet again I cannot be with you outside OLD BAILEY (St Paul’s tube) from 11-4pm tomorrow MONDAY 24 March, good luck with that!

Also on Thursday 27th I will be in ABERDEEN or PERTH or PETERHEAD??? or 2 out of the 3 locations if that can be managed! for

1) ROBERT GREEN’S BIRTHDAY – Robert is 68 on Thursday and has just been refused bail for the 3rd time, see

2) Tim ’Rusty’ Rustige’s sentencing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court following his being found guilty last month of harassing & [cyber] stalking the ex-Lord Advocate.

I fear that 2 Englishmen will be passing the best part of this summer/Independence referendum year banged up in Scottish prisons for telling the world that child-rape crime is ignored in Scotland.

I will send the usual links to press etc. reports but must give my visitors breakfast now!



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  1. […] These are the 10 pages with which the Pedros were released from their police cell, after 12 hours of shivering: Carla with 2 cups of tea, Jose with nothing. Belinda described their ordeal in her latest Battle News. […]

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    It will come to a head in the UK if this goverment allows it to continue child stealing is a criminal offence but this does not apply to social services or thier bussiness contractors of many.

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