280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March

40. Members of Parliament follow the processio...

40. Members of Parliament follow the procession through Central Lobby to the Lords for the Queen’s Speech (Photo credit: UK Parliament)

Dear All

At the moment the main Battle in UK seems to be with the weather! Being originally a country girl I absolutely know it is not following anything like a normal pattern for the time of year and I’m dreadfully sad for all the farmers and their animals struggling with these near apocalyptic conditions plus the damage being done to the countryside.

Moreover it is not over, the worst may yet be to come we’re told – did anyone else pick up on a brief newsflash via Sky News somewhere around 6-7 pm yesterday evening reporting that a ‘Silver Command’ instruction had been issued to the politicians, members of the elite, senior police & military etc. to repair their pre-prepared underground bunkers for a period of 12 hours in order to be able to direct operations on the surface from a place of safety, a mega-storm being about to hit UK overnight? This to be followed over the next few days by a sequence of even more destructive storms, each one worse than the last…

But then, a couple of hours later when I checked again there was no further mention of this ‘Silver Command’ emergency situation!

This sounded very much like some kind of ‘drill’ or dry-run to get the top folk in the land on alert and prepared for some massive national emergency due any day now, the idea being they at least will be OK underground while chaos reigns above. The way these alerts are delivered is via one of the media as a very brief ‘breaking news’ type of newsflash which is then not repeated. This way immediate national panic is avoided yet at the same time it cannot be claimed down the line we were not given due warning.

Well I leave that with you – make of that what you can or will!

Back to my own Battle, it was fantastically encouraging to receive around 30 responses to my plea in the last issue of Battle News for more of you to participate in the parliamentary campaign by sending me the name of your MP and/or postcode, bringing the number of MPs ‘logged’ and under observation to some 280 by now – getting on for nearly half the Parliament!

Half the Parliament = 325 MPs yet we’re only just about up to 280! – is the glass half-full or half-empty?! given also that there are 7 times 280 on this mailing-list = roughly 3 times the number of MPs sitting at Westminster and that all of you at some point over the last 4 years gave an indication of wanting children to be properly protected in our society (usually but not always by signing one of my contact sheets). So why aren’t nearly all 2000 of you joining in?!

(Maybe you thought I didn’t do too well with the previous election campaign for Hollie so why bother with this one? Might you be willing to give me another chance? Please?)

3 categories of folk are exempt from engaging their MP, at least as part of this Battle:

1)      Any unfortunate mums and dads who’ve had their children taken away and are right now wrestling with the local authority & court to try to get them back or at least stop them being adopted against your will. I’ve heard of parents being penalised further if they campaign publicly. But that doesn’t mean not contacting your MP in your personal capacity – in fact, if you are suffering injustice at the hands of the local authority you SHOULD contact your MP about it, they do need to be told even if they then do nothing. Nothing is ever achieved if we keep quiet about injustice. I know some of you have contacted your MP already so it would be very useful to know his or her reaction – was he or she genuinely concerned, did he or she do anything at all to try to help the situation? Please let me know how it went with the MP, that will be your contribution to this Battle;

2)      Anyone else already in a dialogue with their MP over an issue which you don’t want to confuse with this newer issue, but again, perhaps you can let me know at least how your MP has come across as a human being? That would be very helpful;

3)      Any prospective candidate intending to run for Parliament yourself in 2015 – in which case I very much hope you’ll be campaigning strongly on this issue of child protection, that in itself will put pressure on the sitting MP to show where he or she stands if you’ll pardon the clash of metaphor. I’ve heard from 7 on this list who will be running and there may well be a number more still considering the possibility, please let me know if you’re one such?

Apart from these categories of folk I’m still very much hoping everyone else will sooner if not later come on board, especially as we really start to build the numbers. The reason for targeting Parliament is twofold:

  1. Parliament has ultimate oversight of everything going on in public life  
  2. Paedophilia UK (PUK) [the enemy] is well known to be concentrated in political/Parliamentary circles.

What would I give to be able to lay hands on the list of members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) network of the 1970s-80s – PIE was campaigning at the time for the age of consent to be lowered to 4! A number of those who participated are still sitting in Parliament today. Also, a massive list of ‘top paedophiles’ including MPs recently appeared on Chris Spivey’s website, where that came from or what the evidence is against all those people I’ve no idea, hope to check with Chris at some point. The PIE list though is instantly incriminating as all on it signed up by their own hand so to speak. The only problem being that Scotland Yard & Home Office are sitting on it and won’t release it…

So I’m still hoping that more of you will come forward to battle their MP, if it was 30 of you last week how about another 30 this week and so on and on, till by the end of March say we’ve got the entire Parliament covered? With many more to be added during the year as I go out and about – ideally we need not just one person in each constituency battling for the children but 5 or 10 or even 100!

Because of the McKenzie Enemies on this list and most likely the odd member of Paedophilia UK itself, I’m not going to discuss Battle strategy or tactics any further, nor will I spell out what you’ll actually be saying to your MP because the aim is to individualise that as much as possible. So please enter into a private dialogue with me and we’ll work that out together – I’ll also be sending you facts & statistical information to assist the approach to the MP. I’ve allocated a minimum of 3 hours of every single day of this year to answering emails, doesn’t sound like many hours! But believe me it’s enough to get to know all of you and you me and to work together effectively. NOTE I’m using email for this campaign not Facebook or Twitter because of the privacy aspect. It will take months and months and huge manpower for the clumsy and brutish ears of the New World Order to pick up on what I’ll be whispering into so many finely-tuned, highly-sensitive individual ears all this year via email or they into mine, still less interpret that.

Again, as regards going ‘out and about’, I’m certainly not going to announce where I’m going until I’ve gone, so to speak.

By the end of the operation, General Election 2015, provided enough people have participated this could have turned into a hugely interesting historical story. There’s no telling how this is going to pan out – this is the exciting bit about it.  I’d like to think that by mid-2015 despite what my friend in ‘the occult capital of California’ continuously warns me is impossible because the types we’re confronting are deadly and all-powerful! we could have had the gentlest, least bloody, most cheerful revolution of all time on our planet!!

As in all human endeavour, if enough people want something to happen and are willing to help make it happen it will surely happen.  I trust and I hope virtually all of you on this list including McKenzie Enemies want exactly the same as me, for paedophiles of any stripe to be prevented from carrying out their vile activity and sent to rehab, above all not to infest our public life, and for the children in our society and all over the world – our future!  to grow up safely and without trauma. All that is needed is sheer NUMBERS of people joining together to make that a reality.

Well, that’s enough for now, hoping and hoping the rain will stop and hoping more of you will send me your MP’s name or postcode, it’s never too late !

Have a good weekend



Christopher Booker 2 February  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10610135/Children-pulled-from-their-mother-on-Christmas-Day.html

From Scotland  (thanks for these Neil)  http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/revealed-over-120-serving-police-2990278;




UN playing its part? (according to the New World Order agenda there is to be a new pan-global religion so bit by bit the traditional religions such as Catholicism & Islam etc. have to be dismantled/subsumed)  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/05/un-denounces-vatican-child-abuse

An abused abuser’s haunting last words, showing how difficult but not impossible it is to break this vicious cycle http://www.jesseryanloskarnslastmessage.com

Brave 17 year-old stands up against FGM – well done Fahma http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/feb/05/british-girl-guardian-campaign-end-female-genital-mutilation-fgm#start-of-comments   900 comments and rising  PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO MICHAEL GOVE

William Roache acquittal – no need for a link as the story is everywhere but does anyone else see this as a set-up by Paedophilia UK to deter witnesses from coming forward? With the 5 women acting their roles? It would appear Roache is not going to pursue them.


Sonia Poulton – speaking to Elissa Hawke on 23 January shortly before she quit The People’s Voice… Sonia comes across as an intrepid warrior for the children, where are you now Sonia, we need you!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8egSMVnuw8&feature=youtu.be

Robert Green – touching nerves in Scotland as usual; this latest startlingly revealing information regarding a type of ‘Adult Entertainment’ popular in high places in Scotland may help explain why there’s so much resistance to Hollie’s story being properly investigated http://robertgreensblog-holliegreigcampaign.blogspot.ch/2014/01/the-violate-club.html#comment-form Moreover this activity has been discussed in the Scottish Parliament which seems to be quite OK with it!

Tim Rustige – reminder that Robert’s successor in receiving what passes as justice in Scotland for standing up for Hollie & Scottish child abuse victims will be tried at Aberdeen Sheriff Court 24-28 February 

Sabine McNeill – my colleague in the Association of McKenzie Friends – she’s taking along a group of parents of stolen children to Brussels 19 March when she presents our PETITION TO THE EU, now standing at 2,500+ signatures but how about doubling that by mid-March? Please sign if you haven’t already http://www.change.org/petitions/eu-parliament-abolish-adoptions-without-parental-consent

Chiwar & Gloria Musa – the Musas’ criminal case is going to appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London on Wednesday 12 February Court 5, 10-10.30 am. Open Court. The barristers are trying to get the hearing adjourned as have not had enough time to prepare so please check the Listings the evening before.  The Musas had all 7 children of their children removed by Haringey Council in 2010-2012 and have served nearly 3 years of a 7 year prison sentences on charges of having abused and neglected the 6 older ones, then the 7th born in Holloway Jail was taken at birth. A case more deeply awful in all its dimensions by now is hard to imagine.   www.gloriamusa.wordpress.com 

Vittoria di Franco – Vee will be at the Royal Courts of Justice London Thursday 27 February challenging the removal of her children by Ipswich SS/subsequent gagging order, closed court but please come along in support!

Vicky Haigh – Vicky has lodged an appeal against the extension of the Non-Molestation Order granted last month to Doncaster Council in respect of her 10 year-old daughter who is to remain in the care of her paedophile father a further 3 years…

Fathers for Justice

– F4J have never been backwards at coming forward nor are they without mums supporting them in their perennial battle for fathers/natural parents to be allowed continuing contact with their children, at the very least. Friday 31st January I was contacted by a member of F4J with a tip-off – someone was going to do do something dramatic on Saturday in the general area of Parliament, would I like to go down and get a bit of useful publicity for my own Battle? There was a good chance the press & media were going to be in attendance.

Fearing this might be another picture or statue-painting exercise I duly went along, mainly to deter whoever might be carrying out the Operation to desist from causing any damage to a work of art or sacred object – however easy to rectify, this risked getting the cause a bad name/provided an excuse for negatively-minded people to condemn it.

It turned out F4J’s Special Op was being carried out by Isla (hope that’s the spelling of her name), a diminutive and momentarily physically-handicapped 21 year-old who’d spent most of her childhood in care and had already had 2 children removed from her by Northampton Social Services. The chosen venue for the Special Op as I’d feared was to be Westminster Abbey. However, rather than daubing paint on a picture, all Isla was intending to do was pour a small bottle of water over something ‘of significance’ on the premises. She would then be arrested, the incident would be reported in the papers and the cause would get some needed publicity. Fortunately, by the time we (myself anxiously trailing Isla, still not knowing what she was about to do) were able enter the building Choral Evensong was about to begin, enabling me to firmly insist to Isla that nothing whatsoever should happen during the service as that would be disrespectful. We duly took our seats in the nave and quietly attended the service which was very beautiful, what a treat! Then on the way out Isla carried out the operation. It amounted in the end to no more than pouring water onto the floor of the main hall near the entrance while shouting “Fathers for Justice” at the top of her voice. By that time I myself was almost out of the building so I only heard from Isla afterwards what had then ensued and I do have to say, it was a most satisfactory operation and outcome! Having poured the water on the floor of Westminster Abbey Isla had straightaway offered to mop it up. She was then asked by one of the church dignitaries who swiftly came over to see what was going on why she’d chosen Westminster Abbey for her demonstration? to which she coolly replied “because what social services in this country are doing to fathers and children is disrespectful to the Sovereign and because I believe the Church authorities need to know about it.” “Would you like to tell us more about it?” asked the member of the clergy kindly. “Have you got all day?” quipped Isla but proceeded to inform the by then three dignitaries foregathered about her of own situation and that of many parents of stolen children up and down the country. Because she had only spilled water on the ground the police were not called and yet she had obviously had an effect and had managed to pass an important message.

I might add that Isla spent a week in a tent alongside Tony Ashby while he was on his 14-day hunger-strike over Christmas outside David Cameron’s Oxford home and she’s also talked to a lot of MPs. Altogether I was very impressed by Isla – she’s got those two marvellous qualities, courage coupled with intelligence, exactly the combination needed in Battle Year! Here she is being questioned by the security guards on completion of her ‘Special Operation’ – fantastically plucky, clever girl, mother of 2 no doubt bright children the SS have temporarily appropriated but not for always, well done Isla and F4J.

14 02 04 Outside RCJEmpowerment Monday (London)/Campaign for Truth & Justice group – speaking of courage, those who work in the Royal Courts of Justice seem to be growing somewhat fearful, or why are these fortifications going up in front of the building?! This was what greeted us on Monday 27 January as we returned to our habitual venue after the Christmas break, then again Monday 6 February  – the work described as ‘landscaping’ is to go on for the next 8 months… This incidentally was ‘the surprise’ I mentioned in my last mailing. One of the workmen said the new barrier was to prevent someone trying to drive a burning vehicle into the building. Make of that what you will!

On Monday 10 February we’ll be at Westminster Magistrates Court Horseferry Road SW1 from 10 am in support of Wesley Ahmed of the justice4grainger campaign http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/justice-anthony-grainger-campaigners-hold-6663144

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6 thoughts on “280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March

  1. Amber February 11, 2014 at 10:45 am Reply

    Just watched elm guest house video, bless you all for fighting this terrible thing, let me know what I can do , want to help too, people don’t know these things, shall tell all I know and try to get it published in small paper I know, is worse than all wars we go to ‘help’ with, though we know that is crap.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill February 16, 2014 at 11:51 pm Reply


      Exposure, exposure, exposure, says Ian Josephs, the veteran…

  2. […] 280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March […]

  3. […] 280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March […]

  4. […] 280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March […]

  5. […] 280 MPs ON BOARD and over 2,500 signatures on the Brussels Petition for 19 March […]

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