BATTLE NEWS, PLANS and ACTIONS for our children, our families, our future

Dear All

It’s still wet January 2014 in UK and I’m beginning to wonder how to go forward at this stage.

I’m having to face up to the fact that the vast majority on this very long mailing-list, the result of 4 years’ campaigning on anti-paedophilia/child-protection-related issues do not appear to be interested in these weekly e-mailings/this campaign. That is to say, you haven’t done the one thing I’ve been asking everyone to do for months, namely supply me with the name of your MP!  (But thanks to all those who have and have registered support, very much appreciated).

As an activist/public campaigner I’m always trying to improve communication of the message and be more effective ‘out there’, so I’m wondering and am genuinely intrigued as to why most of you are silent yet at the same time you are not demanding in droves to be removed from the list?

Of course you might be just too busy or have problems in your lives with which I sympathise, these are not easy times we’re in. Also I’m aware that there are by now many ‘McKenzie Enemies’ entangled in this list, maybe more even than I realise who have had your brains scrambled by Sylvia Major & Co and there have been others busy too on other fronts but it still doesn’t quite account for ‘losing’ so many hundreds of people to a cause which is surely bigger and more important than any of us, what can be more important than protecting children? which is basically the message I want our parliamentarians to hear very loudly this year.

But actually I believe there could be a much more mundane explanation for your silence – YOU’RE ON FACEBOOK! EVERYONE’S ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER THESE DAYS! No one’s looking at email, EMAIL IS DEAD!

Or is it? Email enables us to communicate effectively with a relatively small number of like-minded people in relative privacy rather than with a whole mass of largely unidentified folk flitting about all over the place with no clear focus and who seem to spend a lot of the time squabbling with each other.

As you must have noticed I do have a clear focus/plan of campaign – to get child protection to the top of the political agenda and paedophiles/paedophile-protectors out of parliament by the next General Election in 2015 and I’ve got a pretty clear idea of how to go about the task (which I’m not divulging because of the McKenzie Enemies) but I DO NEED LOTS OF PEOPLE TO HELP ME! simply by being willing to EMAIL YOUR MP at intervals and relaying me their answer/s.

So having put out this latest plea I shall continue to wait and hope to be pleasantly surprised by your suddenly replying to this latest Battle News with the name of your MP or your postcode (I can find the MP from that).

Just 6/7 digits from you will make my day!!


PS WELCOME to newcomers to this mailing List. If you wish to check back-issues of Battle News here they are The main part of the Battle/the ‘Battle proper’ will be in the summer, as back in 1940.


This initial stage of Battle Year consists of YOU identifying your own individual MP and letting ME know his/her name. Then I can coordinate this campaign to get the vast majority of the 650 of them working together to end child-abuse and carrying that on into  the new parliament to be elected in May next year. The Battle for Britain’s Children will merge seamlessly into a campaign to ‘Elect an Ethical Parliament’ in 2015. I’m 100% certain we can succeed but it still needs each of YOU to be prepared to make the first approach to YOUR MP. If I write to him or her I will just be brushed aside according to the parliamentary protocol that they only communicate with their own constituent/s or in relation to matters directly affecting their own constituent/s  – we had this over and over again in the Hollie campaign back in 2010…

We all need to make our burning concern to protect children in this country properly known to our MP and find out from him/her whether he/she shares that concern and what he/she proposes to do about it?  I shall be supplying model letters & factual/statistical information to help you communicate with the MP. But first of all please just tell me the name of your MP and what contact if any have you had with him or her to date?

Here’s a useful website showing how you can identify your MP and also find out what he/she has been doing so far in his/her parliamentary career  


Be kind to paedophiles, they can’t help it! says a scientific expert – the some 400 who have commented on this article aren’t having any of that though, no punishment is too harsh for paedophiles…

Boarding schools abuse inquiry – teachers in the spotlight here, but what of the equally serious and deeply damaging practice common to these institutions of the older boys abusing the younger ones? and the fact that many in our political and professional classes underwent such painful early initiations then went on to deal out the same treatment to those coming up below them…

Nightmare on Elm Street – you might already have seen this important video when it first came out in October 2013 but in case not, here is ex-CEO of the National Association of Young People in Care (NAYPIC) Chris Fay reporting to Bill Maloney of Pie’n Mash Films what went on at the Elm Guest House 

Fireworks in February for the BBC?

Christopher Booker’s latest relevant article – eternal thanks Christopher

Northern Ireland Historic Institutional Abuse 1922-95 inquiry – watch this space for press reports


Vicky Haigh – celebrated horse-trainer/mum Vicky was sent to prison in 2011 by the previous President of the Family Court Sir Nicholas Wall for breaching a Non-Molestation Order (NMO) in respect of her daughter removed from her by Doncaster Social Services and placed in the care of the child’s abuser, her father/Vicky’s ex-husband. The ‘normal’ kind of thing that goes on in ‘Paedophilia UK’ as I’ve dubbed this lunatic asylum-of-a-state we’re in. On Thursday 23 January Doncaster SS were in the High Court seeking an extension of the NMO until the child is 18 and were granted a 3 years’ maximum extension by Lady Justice Hogg who heard the application in Chambers. Vicky attended from 10.30 till 5.30 as an  ‘observer’ having made her views known to the judge and found herself being accused of having attempted to abduct her child (not the original charge under which she served her sentence). She protested this was wrong but LJ Hogg brushed that aside. Vicky returned home saying over and over again “it was terrible, just terrible!” in shock at the enormity of the injustice and lying she had witnessed. This just days after top family judge Sir James Munby’s latest message of hope that fresh air is to be breathed into the family justice system… There were 2 reporters from Guardian and Daily Mail in the court alongside Vicky, they were likewise shocked.

Maggie – on her way home to Essex from seeing an MP in Parliament on Tuesday Maggie had a car-accident and has written off her car! She has several bruised ribs and has been in a lot of pain but is otherwise mercifully OK, HOWEVER is now car-less. Maggie is a terrific warrior for the cause and needs to be able to get about – can anyone help? Please email me if you can possibly help, either with a replacement  vehicle or cash donation for one of our top fighters doing everything she possibly can in the cause of protecting children on a meagre retirement pension…

‘Empowerment Monday’ (London) group – this coming Monday 27th January we’re back at our ‘HQ’, the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand WC2, 11-4. An opportunity for all/any who have suffered injustice in the courts to come along and air their grievance and apply collective pressure on the authorities via the Campaign for Truth & Justice, especially on the legal services all over the country. For this reason we are spending increasing amounts of time actually in the courts supporting people’s challenges to the corrupt system and its apparatchiks. NOTE: ‘Empowerment Monday’ doesn’t have to be Monday and doesn’t have to be in London – why not start a group in your own town and see how it will grow and empower you in all kinds of unexpected ways!

HOLLIE & ANNE – the following momentous statement or rather understatement appeared on the HDJ website 22 January 2014:

“After three and a half years, Anne is very pleased to announce that after a satisfactory agreement in a legal process, we are ready to go forward and move into the next phase.

In the meantime we wish to thank all those who have supported this site over the course of the past few years, we look forward to your continued and ongoing support in the furtherance of justice.

There have been many attempts by organisations, groups and individuals to undermine, discredit, and malign the reputation of various members involved – All have failed.” [1]

Meanwhile in Scotland it’s a month to go till Rusty’s trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court 24-28 February and there are rumours that Robert Green’s and Rusty’s blogs are about to be shut down/removed from the web with of course the notorious Peter Watson of Levy & McRae/Media Censors to the PTB of “Nonceland” (Rusty’s word for Scotland) bound to be behind that if it happens…Gather ye rosebuds… &


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8 thoughts on “BATTLE NEWS, PLANS and ACTIONS for our children, our families, our future

  1. Mo - Mother of My Children January 27, 2014 at 12:46 pm Reply

    IT was Camden – Glenda Jackson

    In early to mid 2011 in absolute despair, after seeing bruise and deep sadness in my childrens faces in foster care, I did email her with this dilemma with my contact details and she called me. However, her response was that I should approach the Directors of the Childrens Services for Camden before her intervention!!

    In August 2013, appealing a final adoption order, I wrote to The Queen and PM. Queen could not assist and said the right approach was the PM. PM passed my papers to the Educations Dept stating this was the dept to deal with such Childrens Protection Matters. And, this dept sent me a letter on A4 page, typed from top left hand corner to bottom right hand corner worth of text book “garbage” on the role of Social Workers (clap, clap! Nil po’nt !)

    I still have all this, let me know if any of my paperwork can assist – case was three and half years hard battle, of selling house etc, to fund appeals and all Judgments against me – Solicitor said “this is wrong” – the barrister QC said “This is Injustice!!!”

    Followed by court of appeal refusing me any further appeals in the UK including to the Supreme Court.

    My two boys are adopted by two homosexual gay couple.

    Reading your posts etc, further kill me, knowing I’m already dead!

  2. Mo - Mother of My Children January 27, 2014 at 12:56 pm Reply

    And, Judge said “mine and my childrens human rights” were “incompatible”

    In my case, the law book was “thrown” at the judges, and they made their own law as they went along, each and every Judge and each and every time.

    My personal experience says UK law and courts were the wrong approach to my battle. For me this phrase means a lot “been there, done it, time to move on” ; but, where to?

    Courts are full of corrupt Judges

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  4. Amber February 8, 2014 at 1:45 pm Reply

    This is all so devastating , poor children, would love to help and you seem to be doing stuff, let me know what I can do, Dominic Raab is my mp.
    I want to try and work/volunteer in foster homes when my youngest is at school and was looking online when I discovered all this horrific abuse- jersey care home and others and the covering up , also the good people trying to help.
    Wanting to help, Amber

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