USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament!

Dear All

Battle Year has got off to a flying start! long before we ‘take to the skies’ this summer for the most active part of the Battle.

As in the Battle of Britain 1940 of which this ‘Battle’ is an echo I and fellow-troopers will be zooming about all over the place from July through September, taking in various summertime events followed by the Party Conferences and Scotland on Referendum Day. In fact, where ever there is a crowd of people foregathered under the delusion (fuelled by sunshine & Chardonnay) that Britain is a “great” country and they themselves a very important part of it we will be there, telling our compatriots what they can do to make this country REALLY great, namely, drive Paedophilia UK out of public life. TOGETHER we can do it, high or humble, rich or poor, old or young, bright or dumb, man or woman, in this Battle all normal people with normal, natural feelings are one and, happy to say, we outnumber the psychopaths and their cronies/Paedophilia UK by hundreds to one (the proportion of members of PUK to ‘normal’ people is significantly higher in Parliament hence the focus on that place). So what’s holding us back from having the fastest, most furious and decisive Battle to defend our country since 1940 and by midway 1915 being well on the way to being the most enlightened, liberated and just society on the planet! once we elect an ‘Ethical Parliament’ to make our laws and oversee their enforcement and above all protect our children properly at long last.

In the meantime nearly 3 weeks into 1914 January looks set to be the wettest on record; England and Wales from the air continue to look more like the Philippines on a bad day and as I, originally a country girl know, it’s not been nearly cold enough for the time of year – a good few frosty nights & days at least are needed to kill the bugs and break up the sodden clods ready for spring planting…

So why are we already flying? or why am I at least airborne, well, because this particular last wet week the issue of CHILD PROTECTION in various forms has been a topic in the mainstream media every single day! – exactly as should be in Battle Year. This past week has seen the start of a major inquiry into historical institutional child-abuse in Northern Ireland, also on Monday the BBC Panorama programme on the topic of children wrongly removed from loving parents due to misdiagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency-induced brittle bone syndrome (a toe in the water BBC but still a start); on Tuesday Channel 4 sympathetically covered the adoption issue showing how children in care long for a permanent, loving home/a ‘Forever Family’ (so why in far too many cases remove them from their natural parents in the first place?); on Wednesday we heard about impoverished Philippine families forcing their children participate in child-porn films live-streamed to perverts in the UK and other western countries; on Thursday 3 year-old Mikaeel Kular had gone missing in Edinburgh and half the city was out looking for him (WELL DONE general public & police, more of this spirit); and on Friday via the Daily Mail came the latest pronouncement of Sir James Munby, the UK’s top family judge that the secretive family courts should be opened up.

And there’s been a lot more on blogs, forums, chat-rooms and the social media, it’s as if the nation is buzzing with this topic but I do have to keep reminding myself myself that the vast majority of folks if not bailing out water from their homes are probably still thinking more about football, TV and how to pay their bills and are not as yet fully aware of what Paedophilia UK is up to, still less how that directly affects them.

So there’s work to be done – but we’re on our way!



In last weekend’s Battle News I asked everyone to email their MP to ask him or her, if not a member of the cabinet that is to sign up to Jim Cunningham MP’s Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for a National Debate on Child Protection and I repeat that call to you, only now I’ve been told the easiest way of all of contacting your MP is via the ‘Write To Them’ website where all you do is tap in your post-code then write your message to your MP and let technology do the rest! Just in case you’re busy and distracted but still want to help the children here’s what to say in your email to your MP via the box on the Write To Them website “I am very concerned about the need to protect children properly in our society, please would you kindly put your signature to Jim Cunningham MP’s EDM calling for a National Debate on Child Protection, thank you and best wishes Your Constituent Joe Bloggs, 3 Elmtree Close, Stroud SD6 5NT” – always give your address when writing to your MP including by email/online so he/she can check you really are his/her constituent. The website address is and I will know whether this route for approaching your MP is working or not by checking the numbers of new signatories on Jim Cunningham MP’s EDM


Northern Ireland ‘Historical Institutional Abuse’ inquiry   &     WHEN IS SCOTLAND GOING TO HAVE SUCH AN INQUIRY??

“Say it in French” says top family judge

“Open up the family courts” says top family judge

100 Brits under investigation re. Philippines live child-porn films

John Hemming says parents should go abroad to save their children from the UK SS

‘Britain’s Children’ will soon no longer exist!  They’re about to become EU children

Child abuse/trafficking website US

The tip of the iceberg|SCSC|SCDDB-2014-0108

Child abuse & politicians  Lou Collins in discussion with Brian Gerrish and note a shocking intervention by Bill Maloney in last 10 minutes  Bill Maloney’s bit only


Women Against Rape – thanks W.A.R. for your statement of support on John Hemming MP’s blog

Robert Green – ever battling the Scottish authorities and showing the pen is mightier than the sword   which goes for Rusty too

Empowerment Monday group (London)– we’ll be at Snaresbrook Crown Court, 75 Hollybush Hill London E11 1QW (tube Snaresbrook, Central Line 5 mins) from 10.00 tomorrow Monday 20 January, I know no other details as yet but may do during the day if so will email the Group



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4 thoughts on “USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament!

  1. […] USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament! […]

  2. […] USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament! […]

  3. […] USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament! […]

  4. […] USE to Get a National Debate on Child Protection going in Parliament! […]

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