TOWARDS a National Debate on Child Protection – one of the ways of engaging your MP

13 12 20 Battle for Britains ChildrenDear All

It’s taking a bit more time to get this Battle organised, bear with me. I am still without a website/blog through which to communicate with you (if you wish) rather than via your inboxes already horribly infested with spam-mail.

This is my own not anyone else’s fault as I have the best imaginable team of potential helpers around me but in this first nearly half of January 2014 I’ve been out of communication with almost everyone including helpers. I’ve still been struggling to come to terms with the loss of my closest life-friend on 9 December, a body-blow of the first magnitude also for his partner and family and I know his many fans all over the world are grieving too. When a true luminary as was my friend passes on it leaves a void you just do not know how to fill. I have been plunged in despair and profound grief that this disaster can have happened, including that it happened on my watch so to speak as my friend was with me in London right up to a month before he died and of course I tried to do everything in my power to save him, but…

Suddenly on Thursday this past week, 9th January, exactly a month since his death my friend came through via a medium with a message for his partner and me. We are to quit grieving; he’s very happy in the new place where he is and has a lot of work to do on that level. So now we still in this world who were involved with him and his work must continue with that; it is now to be our work, to carry on with in his stead and bring to fruition. This is very urgent for this planet and for all forms of life on it, there is not much time left to turn things around…

Since getting this communication from my friend the grief has gone thankfully but I now have a new dilemma! Does this call from the beyond mean I should shelve the child-protection campaigning work/my ‘Battle’ and switch tack (back) into the work for truth and knowledge I was mainly busy with in roughly 2002-2008?

It would appear I have to do both at once!! But I may need to wind down the ‘Battle’ for the moment while I get the other work back up and running again.

IN THE MEANTIME the children and families need protecting so please everyone help with that, whatever other good work you are doing. My ‘Battle’ message continues to be that we MUST put the children first above everything else and if enough of us do that especially those in positions of public responsibility this planet will rapidly transform into a peaceful and happy world rather than the vale of misery it currently is under the rule of the psychopaths I refer to as ‘Paedophilia International.’

All for now, beautiful sunny day, nature beckons!



JANUARY ACTION – please email your MP enclosing this link and ask him or her to sign up to Jim Cunningham MP’s important Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for a National Debate on Child Protection  If he/she has already done so (you can check the names on the page) please congratulate him/her.

I spoke to Mr Cunningham this week and he said he already has 50+ signatories which is very good going but would certainly welcome more support – let’s try to get him 200 signatories at least! Or 400!

Tell your MP you are concerned that too many children are being taken from their parents and families all over the country and/or that too many are being abused in care and/or that you are concerned that the police are not doing enough to prosecute paedophiles especially those associated with the late Jimmy Savile. Or that Hollie Greig’s former abusers have never been questioned by Grampian police and that Scotland appears to be the paedophile rape capital of Europe – you can refer the MP to Robert Green’s blog which makes it plain

If you’re not sure who your MP is you can find him or her by going to click on MPs Lords and Offices then a search window will come up inviting you to Find Your MP by tapping in your postcode. His or her photo & contact details etc. will then appear. Or else use

Please ask your MP to tell you whether he/she will or will not sign the EDM? and forward his/her answer to me. NB your MP won’t be able to do this if he/she is currently serving in the Cabinet but everyone else can.


2 TV must-watches:

‘Stolen children’  –  BBC 1 Panorama Monday 13 January 9pm

‘Public auction for kids’ – Maggie’s description of the programme content. Channel 4 Wednesday 15 January 10 am –

Child abuse in the Black community –


Empowerment Monday group (London) – we’ll be at Bromley County Court tomorrow Monday 13th from 10.30-ish onwards in support of Fiona who’s up before the magistrates on a housing issue. Address Bromley County Court, College Road, Bromley BR1 3PX   4 minutes’ walk from Bromley North station on South Eastern line from Waterloo station.

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4 thoughts on “TOWARDS a National Debate on Child Protection – one of the ways of engaging your MP

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  2. Carey January 14, 2014 at 2:34 am Reply

    I would like to help. please contact me 07947808747 many thanks.

  3. […] TOWARDS a National Debate on Child Protection – one of the ways of engaging your MP […]

  4. […] TOWARDS a National Debate on Child Protection – one of the ways of engaging your MP […]

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