Happy New Year 2014, year of my proposed BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’S CHILDREN!

14 01 05 Tony Ashby Day 12Dear All

Happy New Year 2014, year of my proposed BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’S CHILDREN!

A ‘quiet revolution’ has already been underway for several years but its cumulative effects are going to begin to be felt at last this year. Hitherto disconnected parents’ & children’s human rights’ protest groups all over the country will be joining up and fuelled by mounting public concern will be communicating a loud directive to the politicians: DO SOMETHING to protect children in our society properly or we will not elect/re-elect you in 2015!

We have a big opportunity to change our national public life permanently for the better. The deep collective revulsion against high-level paedophilia triggered by the Jimmy Savile revelations combined with escalating awareness of the hideously barbaric practice of ‘State’ snatching of children from innocent and loving parents is a powder-keg ready to explode. I am determined not to let this opportunity to strike a body-blow at the ‘enemy within’ I refer to as ‘Paedophilia UK’, break the culture and the systems which feed and protect this Beast, causing misery and mayhem to thousands of children, parents and families every year and begin to bring real fresh air at last into politics and public life.

I’m hugely looking forward to this Battle and raring to go! Thanks to those who have so far sent me messages of support and Happy 2014 to everyone in multicultural UK – whatever ethnic or cultural background you are, if you are resident in these islands however you came to be here (but please learn excellent English as a priority in your life without forgetting your own language – this is so important!!) if you love children and you passionately believe in keeping them safe, as far as I am concerned you’re a ‘true Brit’.

Please all ‘true Brits’ join my Battle for all our children!

Let’s go!

Belinda x


As those who have already been receiving this newsletter already know – welcome if you’ve just been added to the mailing-list – the main aim of this Battle is to get ‘pro-child’ people into the UK Parliament & Government in 2015. ‘Pro-child’ is my personal shorthand for people who believe in protecting children as a priority in their professional or public work, therefore if abuse of children either locally or nationally is brought strongly to their attention they will DO something about it, as opposed to those who don’t lift a finger or apparently don’t care.

Parliament has to be the front-line in this Battle as Parliament is tasked with overseeing the public services, police and courts which are supposed to be responsible for protecting children yet continuously fail them. It appears a lot of activists in this country have opted out of the conventional political process and have written off MPs as either serving their own interests/lining their own pockets at public expense or as being stooges of the corporate-driven New World Order. This is a big mistake – unless you believe in anarchy YOU CANNOT WRITE OFF AND REFUSE TO ENGAGE WITH ONE POWER–STRUCTURE UNTIL YOU HAVE REPLACED IT WITH ANOTHER. Until then you have to utilise the existing power-structure and get that to work for YOU/YOUR INTERESTS not for its own, whatever they might be.

Therefore the main way people can participate in this Battle is via their MPs, although please feel very free to also take on the press & media, the courts, the police, the celebs, the churches, the children’s charities, your local PTA or parents’ network, etc. etc., all have parts to play. But whatever else happens or doesn’t happen we need to change the culture of Parliament as a priority and get the politicians back to working for the people and above all the children.

In Parliament in 2013-14 we have far too few readily identifiable ‘pro-child’ MPs, those who have actually been speaking out or trying to get debates going on child-abuse related issues. With everyone’s help we can significantly increase the numbers of ‘pro-child’ MPs in Parliament this year which in turn will send a very strong message to the candidates in the 2015 election, that they had better commit themselves to listening to/protecting children in their campaigning, or else!

IT CAN BE DONE IF ENOUGH PEOPLE PARTICIPATE – it just needs lots of people all over the country to be willing simply to email their MP at regular intervals, letting them know your concern about what’s happening to the children and asking them what they’re going to do about it? I’m in process of finalising a web-page with the factual information they need to begin taking action. I BM can’t do the actual work myself though – the MPs have a ‘parliamentary protocol’ that they do not/cannot engage with people who are not their constituents. So it’s no use whatsoever me battering away at the 649 of them. But if their own constituents contact them they HAVE to take notice and they SHOULD respond. NB when writing to your MP always put your postal address so he/she knows you are his/her constituent.

At this stage I just need to know who your MP is but if you’re not sure PLEASE JUST SEND ME YOUR POSTCODE – I can find the MP from that. That’s all I need from you right now, January 2014!!

While on parliamentary matters, check out the new CHILDREN & FAMILIES BILL 2014 http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2013-14/childrenandfamilies.html   Here is a recent commentary/critique on the Bill http://familyjustice-exposed.com/?p=440


In my Christmas issue I said I’d be transferring to a website to report latest events in the Battle but the website is still under construction so for the moment reporting will continue in this form, via this newsletter. Those who have just come onto this list can check out the previous 10 issues of Battle News on  http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/battle-news/


Tune into BBC 1 Panorama Monday 13 January 9pm  http://ccpexposed.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/panorama-bbc-one-on-monday-13th-january-at-21-00-i-want-my-baby-back/

A victory!! http://cllrkevinedwards.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/welsh-assembly-government-and-neath.html


Thanks Linda, this is something mums & dads in similar situations should consider doing all over the country, copy your own MP in when you send it to Boris or vice versa. There was talk last year of Boris running again in 2015 as the prospective next PM so he does need to be given advance notice of what’s going to be a major issue in 2015 https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/MP_Boris_Johnson_Change_the_Laws_on_Forced_Adoption/?fbss


Sid & Ardjuna – following successful completion of his 530-mile ‘Walk for Justice [for children]’ Aberdeen-London trailed by Ardjuna in the caravan here is Sid delivering his Christmas/New Year message to everyone https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=719844901366727&set=vb.100000236720693&type=2&theater

Tony Ashby – New Fathers for Justice erstwhile stuntman Tony spent Christmas parked outside David Cameron’s Oxfordshire home on hunger-strike in protest at the stealing by Herefordshire Social Services of his daughters – see attached the pic of Tony with the 2 angels posted on Day 12 of his hunger-strike plus the letter his older daughter wrote to the stony-hearted judge who ignored it. Cameron and family were away for Christmas but last Monday the PM passed by Tony’s encampment on his bicycle and said hallo. A start PM but much more than that is needed. Here’s a bit of background to the story    http://www.demos4children.com/  and latest press coverage http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/10903433.Dad___s_demo_outside_David_Cameron_s_Dean_home_continues/

Maggie – her latest vid. Maggie writes “I ask the world to look and to listen to this video which has been released today and to know of the missing children and to think of the 1.000s of poor little children with no voices many are just babies who are lost or dead in a system that states “In a child’s best interest” for those missing children their loving families will never know where their beloved children are by the helpline I listen to the tears of the families who have lost their children on allegations with all contact stopped.The world has always believed the British children were safe the world needs to wise up to the facts that the British children are ONLY  a multibillion pound industry creating millions of jobs and have been sold around the world for centuries”.  http://youtu.be/MU1CaquHOno

Kellie & Jason – see their latest plan for a Children’s Judicial Review  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/thechildrensjudicialreview/?fref=ts

Empowerment Mondays – London’s most active Truth & Justice action group will be resuming our regular Monday demos Monday 6th January at Southwark Crown Court from 10 am where Fathers for Justice’s Tony Haries is in court. A controversial case as Tony spray-painted the coronation portrait of the Queen hanging in Westminster Abbey, an action of which I personally disapprove, yet it illustrates the lengths desperate dads deprived of access to their children are forced to go to raise awareness of this injustice.

‘Top warrior’ Hollie GreigEach new year for me is Hollie’s Year until she gets justice so a lot of hope is now pinned on 2014, coincidentally year of Scotland’s Referendum. For newcomers, 34 year-old Down’s Syndrome Hollie was sexually abused whilst growing up in Aberdeen at the hands of her father and older brother, but she also reported some 20+ other outwardly respectable members of Aberdeen society as complicit in the abuse to the local police, Grampian. Rather than taking any action to investigate however the police sectioned her mother Anne Greig to the local mental hospital. Anne managed to extricate herself but the persecution continued, hence the Greigs finally left Scotland and took refuge in Shropshire England, hoping they would be safe there. In 2010 however, just as their campaign was beginning to take off, council workers and police suddenly descended on their small home in a peaceful village outside Shrewsbury and vandalised it, causing hundreds of pounds of damage. Social services simultaneously initiated care-proceedings in respect of Hollie in the High Court as well as securing an injunction to prevent her and Anne speaking publicly or meeting supporters.

Nearly 4 years later the Greigs’ home remains in a chronic state of disrepair and the care proceedings continue to drag on in the Court of Protection. Meanwhile there is pressure on Scotland’s new centralised police-force to open an inquiry into the death in very suspicious circumstances in 1997 of Anne’s brother Roy Greig, key witness to Hollie’s abuse.

This unresolved issue remains a ticking time-bomb for the Scottish authorities, thanks in no small part to the continuing efforts of Cheshire-based Robert Green who despite having served a prison-sentence in Aberdeen in 2012 for ‘breach of the peace’ relentlessly batters away at them on his widely-read blog http://robertgreensblog-holliegreigcampaign.blogspot.co.uk/ Another Englishman, satirical blogger Tim Rustige who like Robert has also experienced the wrath of Grampian Police faces trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for alleged harassment & [cyber] stalking of the previous Lord Advocate over the issue, 24-28 February 2014. Watch this space!

Hollie thanks everyone who was kind enough to send her a Christmas card. Sending Hollie the odd card now and again is the least we can do for this extraordinarily brave lady still determined to ‘fight’ to stop other children particularly disabled like her being abused.  www.holliedemandsjustice.org.uk.   


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  2. […] Happy New Year 2014, year of my proposed BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’S CHILDREN! […]

  3. […] Happy New Year 2014, year of my proposed BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’S CHILDREN! […]

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