THANK YOU from Hollie – a heartfelt email from Belinda McKenzie – about organised sexual and ritual abuse

13 12 01 Hollie BirthdayDear All

I’ll be sending out BATTLE NEWS in a couple of days; but here in the meantime is Hollie looking very happy on her 34th birthday on Saturday with mum Anne & close friends.

Hollie wants me to say thank you to all the kind people who sent her birthday cards, you know who you are. I can report she was looking great, having lost quite a bit of weight which is much easier on her frail bone-structure. So my present was a few new tops for this ‘svelte’ size-12 Hollie we now have in our midst! She was in good spirits too; she reminded me for the nth time she’s been telling the truth (yes I know Hollie, I have never for a moment doubted you and nor has Robert) and appears to understand the reason why the campaign has gone quiet for the moment. It was lovely to be able to show her she still has a lot of support and hasn’t been forgotten.

And as usual she was very funny! I was tickled pink at her response to one of her birthday cards which somewhat bizarrely depicted 2 elephants locking tusks! She instantly declared these to be “Sylvia and Win”. Those who know the story will be well aware of who those two individuals are and that recently it appears they have apparently fallen out, why? Is one of them getting cold feet about being associated with the other?!

For those who’ve just arrived on my mailing list and may not know the story, Hollie Greig is a very brave young lady with Down’s Syndrome who has been fighting (her own word) to get justice for the abuse she suffered throughout 14 years of her childhood in Aberdeen Scotland. The main perpetrators were her father Denis Mackie and older brother Greg but she has also named a string of other people as having been involved. Although she suffered a lot of pain and distress she put up with the abuse in silence, in order to protect her mum Anne and her pet dogs – her monster-abuser father Denis Mackie had threatened to kill them should she breathe a word about what he and his ‘friends’  were doing to her and to other children…

Hollie well knows that this horrible father of hers, still at large and almost certainly still abusing children also stole all her mum’s money and had her uncle Roy Greig, chief witness to her abuse killed when he stumbled on her father raping her in 1997. Roy perished shortly after in a very suspicious car-fire having been drugged and beaten up. Hollie was heartbroken as she adored her kindly uncle who was much more of a real father to her than ever Denis Mackie was.

What is significant about this case is the conspicuous contortions of the Scottish authorities in particular Grampian Police in trying to cover the case up and avoid anything passing as a proper investigation of Hollie’s alleged abusers, despite there being medical forensic evidence on the police’s own record for the long-term multiple abuse she suffered. There remain many unanswered questions also regarding the death of Roy Greig. And in September 2000, only days after Hollie had first reported 16 of her abuser father’s ‘friends’ to the police why was her mum was forcibly and unaccountably sectioned to the local mental hospital? Anne managed to extricate herself but that whole episode is still being used today by those who want to shut her and Hollie up. Despite the fact that the two ladies are now living in England Grampian police have managed to enlist the aid of to date 3 English authorities to harass them and those who have been most prominently supporting them. Homes have been raided in Cheshire and Greater Manchester as well as Anne & Hollie’s own home in Ruyton, Shrewsbury – the small home remains in a state of chronic disrepair since Council workers  & West Mercia police smashed it up in June 2010, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. In 2010 Robert Green, a journalist who had taken up the ladies’ cause was twice arrested and his property seized. In January 2012 he was tried and incarcerated in Craiginches Prison Aberdeen on a 1 year sentence but was released after 3 months due to a storm of protest. Tim Rustige, a satirical blogger who has been applying the power of his highly-pungent pen to goings-on in ‘nonce-land’ as he calls Scotland has suffered the same fate as Robert and faces trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court 24th-28th February 2014.

Meanwhile, in a parallel bid to shut down the case on behalf of the Grampian authorities, in 2010 Shropshire Council initiated proceedings against Anne & Hollie with a view to taking Hollie into care, using Anne’s bogus mental ill-health record and the campaign as pretexts. The case rumbles on in the Court of Protection with the Council apparently in no hurry to conclude it quickly.

I’ve been closely involved with the case ever since Robert Green’s first arrest in February 2010, a wake-up call for me and for many others up and down the length and breadth of the UK. In fact Hollie’s case has become something of a cause celebre in the fight against Paedophilia UK.

I continue to have every confidence Hollie’s fight for justice will come to a successful conclusion. It would be great if this happened during ‘Battle’ year, 2014! Watch this space.

Best wishes


PS A propos Shropshire Council, it appears to be literally retreating into the shadows and away from public scrutiny, being some £80 million in debt. Shirehall, its Council chamber of some 60 years has closed and is being sold off and 1,700 former staff have been made redundant. Council officers will be meeting from henceforth in non-public sessions to determine policy.  I’m told this scenario is not confined to Shropshire – how far down this route of immunity from scrutiny and accountability have other Councils gone? What on earth is going on?

DISCLAIMER: Anne and Hollie have their own legal team representing them pending forthcoming court action. I do not speak for them, therefore anything I say about them is my own opinion/view of their situation and not to be used in evidence.


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